hand in glove

Idiom Definition

Idiom Definition - hand in glove

"hand in glove"

on intimate terms;

in close association


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Idiom Scenario 1

Idiom Definition - hand in glove

Two colleagues are talking ...

Colleague 1: The research and development team are producing potential products that the marketing team are unable to sell.

Colleague 2: Is there no cooperation between the two departments?

Colleague 1: It seems that there is a bit of a disconnect.

Colleague 2: Then we need to implement strategies that would allow the two teams to work hand in glove to produce profitable and marketable products.

Idiom Scenario 2

Idiom Definition - hand in glove

A couple are talking ...

Wife: Look at this mess from last night's dinner party.

Husband: If we get organized and work hand in glove, we will have it cleaned up in no time.

Wife: OK. You start on the recyclables and trash and I'll get started on the dishes and then we will talk again and see where we are after that.

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hand in glove - Usage:


Usage Frequency Index:   371   click for frequency by country

hand in glove - Gerund Form:

There is no gerund form for hand in glove.

hand in glove - Examples:

1)  There is a long history of UK and US Special Forces working hand in glove particularly, in recent years, in Iraq and Afghanistan. They trust and respect ...

2)  ... immigrants were selected to fill jobs because Immigration and Manpower worked hand in glove

3)  ... fear is that the petrochemical industry, agribusiness and giant retailers will work hand in glove to boost their profits and secure their domination of the market.

4)  ... reveals that the Australian Army and Intelligence Service are working hand in glove in the development of a secret squadron to be used for spying activities all over ...

5)  Free enterprise is strangled in Quebec. The construction industry is hand in glove with government and both corrupt each other.

6)  Torture has a long history in the U S. It goes, hand in glove, with all the invasions and subversions of so many countries, ...

7)  Given so much was achieved hand in glove with the Chancellor, the progressive settlement appears secure.

8)  The Greek oligarchs, working hand in glove with the Pytagorean rationalists, managed to kill off science in ancient Greece.

9)  Innovation and savings do not go hand in glove when managers only look at the short term.

10)  ... the introduction of a free compulsory education system for all, which goes hand in glove with the recruitment process to create a successful education system.

11)  Tom Arie pioneered a department where geriatricians and psychiatrists worked hand in glove to deliver effective medical care. 

12)  ... the classic symptoms of adrenal fatigue and under-active thyroid these two can go hand in glove and its most important to get adrenals sorted first except ...

13)  ... have a free press? They are controlled by a ruling elite always hand in glove with Downing Street. 

14)  ... more than proved that her love of music and her personal character fitted hand in glove.

15)  ... and scholarship on assessment, student engagement in the interchange of feedback goes hand in glove with excellence in learning.

16)  There is no reason why the United States government can't work hand in glove with corporations to get at least some of them back.

17)  ... they handily united, Catholics and Swiss Reformed working hand in glove, to defeat the peasants. 

18)  We both care. We work hand in glove, and I still consider him one of my most important friends. 

19)  And I think that requires journalism to be hand in glove with technology. That hasn't been the case all these years in most media ...

20)  Working hand in glove with mutual respect is that attitude that says all coworkers are innocent until proven guilty.