handle with kid gloves

Idiom Definition

Idiom Definition - handle with kid gloves

"handle with kid gloves"

to be very careful or gentle with a person or situation


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Idiom Scenario 1

Idiom Definition - handle with kid gloves

Two colleagues are talking ...

Colleague 1: Why is everyone handling me with kid gloves?

Colleague 2: We just watched the boss yell and scream at you for ten minutes. You must feel terrible and we thought we would take it easy on you for a while.

Colleague 1: But if you treat me carefully like this, it only points out the fact that the boss just berated me. Please just treat me normally.

Idiom Scenario 2

Idiom Definition - handle with kid gloves

A couple are talking ...

Husband: I am sick and tired of the terrible mess in the neighbor's yard. I am going to go over there and tell them to clean it up.

Wife: Perhaps storming over there when you are upset is not a good idea. You know our neighbors can be quite grouchy and easily angered.

Husband: What do you suggest?

Wife: I suggest handling our neighbors with kid gloves so we don't start a war. I am sure that we can formulate a more diplomatic approach. Perhaps we could invite them over for a barbecue and slide the idea of cleaning up their yard into the conversation at some point, after a couple of beer, perhaps?

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handle with kid gloves - Usage:


Usage Frequency Index:   41   click for frequency by country

handle with kid gloves - Gerund Form:

Handling a touchy wife with kid gloves is a good way to avoid a fight.

handle with kid gloves - Examples:

1)  You won't be handled with kid gloves at TAFE, but it can be a much more nurturing environment than university.

2)  still nowhere near peak fitness and will still needed to be handled with kid gloves for a while. 

3)  ... have an extremely poor attitude because they have been handled with kid gloves and had piteous "Oh poor you! You're acting out because your spouse/parent ...

4)  If someone is handled with kid gloves, they are given special treatment and handled with great care. 

5)  ... were too precious to upset with frank talk and had to be handled with kid gloves.

6)  ... the boycott on South Africa was effective, but Israel is handled with kid gloves. This international backing must stop.

7)  He's a horse that needs to be handled with kid gloves. He's just got to learn to settle down a bit.

8)  Ridiculing him by accusing him of being oversensitive and wanting to be handled with kid gloves ...

9)  Debt is handled with kid gloves to ensure the survival of indebted countries.

10)  Instead, we have to handle him with kid gloves because he can't handle basic facts. 

11)  ... a victim? Is that it? Therefore we should all handle her with kid gloves?

12)  I'm very fragile and I expect you to handle me with kid gloves.

13)  Performance stress is a subject most entrepreneurs and employees alike handle with kid gloves because they don't know its impact on their life.

14)  ... don't want them to assume that means they have to handle me with kid gloves because of it. I don't want a pity party, ...

15)  Frankly.... NO.... we shouldn't be handling Muslims with kid gloves with the hope of avoiding any conflict. 

16)  ... they are released from prison as part of their parole. Handling them with kid gloves has not worked to date.

17)  That is not honest debate but handling people with kid gloves

18)  But President Jonathan is assumed to be handling corruption with kid gloves?

19)  The Rest of Canada. The ROC has always handled Quebec with kid gloves, like a heavy drinking uncle who is occasionally violent, but mostly benign.

20)  Once pregnant, I thought I'd be handled with kid gloves, but I was left to get on with my antenatal care.