(to be) happy as a lark

Idiom Definition

"to be happy as a lark"

to be extremely happy, overjoyed or pleased

Idiom Definition - to be happy as a lark


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Idiom Scenario 1

Idiom Definition - to be happy as a lark

Two teenagers are talking ...

Teen 1:  Well?  Tell me!  Did you pass your driver's license test?

Teen 2:  Absolutely!

Teen 1:  You must be so happy to have your freedom.

Teen 2:  Happy?  That's an understatement.  I'm happy as a lark!

Idiom Scenario 2

Idiom Definition - to be happy as a lark

Two businessmen are talking ...

Businessman 1:  What's going on?

Businessman 2:  I thought I had lost all my files when my computer crashed.

Businessman 1:  And did you?

Businessman 2:  I thought so but I just managed to recover all the files.  Those files represented about four hundred hours of work, including that big project we are bidding on next week.

Businessman 1:  You're happy, then?

Businessman 2:  I'm happy as a lark.  What a relief.

to be happy as a lark - Usage:


Usage Frequency Index:   27   click for frequency by country

to be happy as a lark - Gerund Form:

Being happy as a lark is a great way to experience life.

to be happy as a lark - Examples:

1)  I biked down to the city and walked in to Hype, happy as a lark about my imminent purchase.

2)  I showed him how to stream to his iPhone and he's happy as a lark.

3)  I respected their recommendation and am happy as a lark with my Brother 1034D.

4)  But where breaking the fast is concerned, I am happy as a lark to take lunch.

5)  She goes about her days happy as a lark, flitting from fairy to pixie.

6)  Get on the screen-shot thingy and I'll be back to being happy as a lark.

7)  Things are about 99% better than they were and Tabby is as happy as a lark again!

8)  Villa Sundown has everything you want and need to keep you happy as a lark on your Jamaican vacation.

9)  One friend relented last year and he's now happy as a lark reuniting with lost friends and acquaintances.

10)  It means he's letting her stay and she's as happy as a lark, even though Tae-joon mentions that it's only temporary.

11)  Go-eun is just happy as a lark to see him finally become a real boy.

12)  Gorgeous, gorgeous shade of blue. I was happy as a lark.

13)  She was thrilled to get a moment to be girly and I was happy as a lark to be around a mommy.

14)  She's just happy as a lark as long as she has some item not intended for babies in her possession.

15)  The bank is offering you record low interest rates, so you should be as happy as a lark.

16)  I'd be happy as a lark just to squeeze out 100 good years- that would be miracle enough for me.

17)  I'm absolutely not, and am happy as a lark that you are a member of a forum that has correct information on it.

18)  Nope, I was as happy as a lark to keep my mouth shut and go with the flow.

19)  She's happy as a lark. She keeps primping and flicking.

20)  This post just made me happy as a lark Steve!