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Idiom Definition - hard-boiled


appearing not to have ​emotions or weaknesses


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Idiom Scenario 1

Idiom Definition - hard-boiled

Two colleagues are talking ...

Colleague 1:  I've never seen the boss at a staff party.

Colleague 2:  She never goes.

Colleague 1:  Does the boss have any children?

Colleague 2:  No one knows.

Colleague 1:  Does she every display emotion?

Colleague 2:  Very rarely.

Colleague 1:  Does anyone know anything personal about the boss? Any friends?

Colleague 2:  She's hard-boiled. Very unapproachable. It's business only.

Idiom Scenario 2

Idiom Definition - hard-boiled

Two friends are talking ...

Friend 1:  What did you think of the movie?

Friend 2:  It was OK but I really don't like it when the main character is so unemotional. Nothing ever seems to affect him, even the grisly crime scenes. And doesn't the main character have any weaknesses?  It seems a little unrealistic.

Friend 1:  Well, that's the crime detective genre. The main character is always hard-boiled.

hard-boiled - Usage:


Usage Frequency Index:   379   click for frequency by country

hard-boiled - Gerund Form:

There is no gerund form for hard-boiled.

hard-boiled - Examples:

1)  It can be argued that this is too hard-boiled, too unemotional.

2)  David Samuels actually asks very hard questions, without putting on the hard-boiled, Mike Wallace act. 

3)  ... this is Pelecanos writing in the hard-boiled noir style that won him his earliest fans and placed him firmly in the ranks ...

4)  ... stiletto-tongued hard-boiled dialogue, razor-sharp editing, on-location shooting, the creative use of ambient sound, ...

5)  Classic examples of Costs include the hard-boiled detective who gets beaten up at some point in his investigation, ...

6)  ... its austere embedding of a certain hard-boiled psychological realism.

7)  She's a very honest, straightforward, hard-boiled lady.

8)  Point of view affects tone, with the third person seeming more objective and hard-boiled and the first person more up close and personal.

9)  Realism. Vigor. Vitality. Callousness. Immorality. Amorality. Muscular. Hard-boiled. They were all words applied to Hammett at various times.

10)  Something about a kid being present brings out the best in people. Even a hard-boiled, foul-mouthed sailor will go the extra mile to clean up his act when a ...

11)  Those occupied will be mostly by hard-boiled warmists seeking to learn the latest methods of psychological warfare and political chicanery.

12)  ... philosophical toward the end, but that's not completely out of character for a hard-boiled crime story.

13)  But the hard-boiled detective is, by definition, opposed to authority.

14)  At the age of 20, he was suddenly a hard-boiled realist bestseller. He was lauded as a tough young soldier, ...

15)  A period confection that's found the right balance between a soft romantic centre and hard-boiled drama, ...

16)  The various coaches all looked like proper football people, steeped in the game. Hard-boiled, icy-stared hatchet men. Assume control. Be the boss.

17)  ... it has a certain no-nonsense humor that could only be delivered by hard-boiled New York cops, ...

18)  The hard-boiled character hides emotion, because you must not reveal your weak spots.

19)  I tried to be a hard-boiled reviewer, but I found nothing, and I truly mean *nothin* to criticize.

20)  Instead, what we get here is just another day in the life of a hard-boiled and undemonstrative law enforcer.