to hash out

Idiom Definition

Idiom Definition - hash out

"to hash out"

to talk about something at length in order to reach an agreement about it


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Idiom Scenario 1

Idiom Definition - hash out

Two colleagues are talking ...

Colleague 1:  We seem to be at an impasse with the accounting department. Sales people need the freedom to sign deals on the spot but accounting is insisting that we need oversight.

Colleague 2:  That is a difficult situation. How do you suppose we can resolve it?

Colleague 1:  We need to book a few hours in the conference room, gather all the key players and sit down and hash out some sort of compromise.

Colleague 2:  Yes. Some sort of agreement is necessary for the business to move forward.

Idiom Scenario 2

Idiom Definition - hash out

Two roommates are talking ...

Roommate 1:  There seems to be an awful lot of tension around the apartment lately.

Roommate 2:  With four busy people trying to live together in order to save a little money, there is bound to be some tension.

Roommate 1:  But if we don't address the causes of the tension, it is going to blow up at some point and then there will be real trouble.

Roommate 2:  OK. Let's call a roommates meeting. We can sit down over beer and pizza and hash out what is going on and how we are going to deal with it.

to hash out - Usage:


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to hash out - Gerund Form:

Hashing out an agreement, they negotiated for over three hours.

to hash out - Examples:

1)  ... has been working to secure permits and hash out logistics for the march, including ensuring there is a proper sound equipment and ...

2)  ... gripping conversations that Business Insider can generate by gathering tech gurus and pioneers together to hash out important problems.

3)  With all those resources, perhaps they can take a week off and hash out a coherent ethics guide that reflects the economic realities of ...

4)  ... and sit down in an attempt to hash out their political differences on ...

5)  Lawyers will hash out the new Collective Bargaining Agreement (CBA), which needs to be ratified ...

6)  ... but it can also turn into a free-for-all where people hash out their differences.

7)  We're hopeful this means they'll begin to hash out some standards for the technology going forward, and that in a few years ...

8)  The Trudeau government is set to meet the provinces and territories on Monday to hash out a new health accord and funding formula.

9)  ... agent with the union local, said Tuesday that union officials are still trying to hash out something with the company.

10)  Momentum has been building for months that the 14-member cartel will be able to hash out details of a preliminary deal, which first emerged during an informal meeting in ...

11)  The whole practice meets once a month to hash out issues over greasy take-out food. We have honest conversations.

12)  ... they agree to meet on a regular schedule, perhaps twice a year, to hash out specific issues and ensure policy continuity and consensus. 

13)  ... got a pot of hot coffee between them in the last number of hours to hash out how they proceed.

14)  It took less than a month before the Knicks held a long team meeting to hash out their problems and recalibrate.

15)  ... and met with an artist ahead of time to hash out a design centered around their favourite traditions from each season.

16)  The Republican leaders plan to hash out an exact plan early next week, but some fissures were evident heading into ...

17)  In this article, we're going back to your first year of college and hash out just what defines an acid and base. 

18)  Walking together is the perfect way to hash out problems. Talking through issues shoulder to shoulder instead of face to face provides ...

19)  The main goal of the Marrakech meeting is to hash out more specific plans for putting last year's landmark Paris climate agreement into action.

20)  ... with regulators calling the surge "irrational" and meeting miners regularly to hash out ways to stabilise prices without backtracking on the original goal of permanently erasing the ...