to haul someone over the coals

Idiom Definition

Idiom Definition - haul someone over the coals

"to haul someone over the coals"

to reprimand or criticize someone harshly


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Idiom Scenario 1

Idiom Definition - haul someone over the coals

Two colleagues are talking ...

Colleague 1: Well, that was a monumental error you made. Are you ready to face the boss?

Colleague 2: Yes. I know she is going to haul me over the coals. I deserve a reprimand for being so careless.

Colleague 1: Good luck.

Idiom Scenario 2

Idiom Definition - haul someone over the coals

Two friends are talking ...

Friend 1: How did it go last night after you got home? I am really sorry that my car broke down and I didn't get you home on time for curfew.

Friend 2: I got hauled over the coals by both my parents. They lectured me about responsibility and trust and who knows what else. I just sort of tuned out after the first ten minutes.

Friend 1: Did you get grounded?

Friend 2: For a week.

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to haul someone over the coals - Usage:


Usage Frequency Index:   97   click for frequency by country

to haul someone over the coals - Gerund Form:

Hauling his subordinate over the coals, the manager lectured the poor fellow on his lack of skill for twenty minutes.

to haul someone over the coals - Examples:

1)  ... can't wait to be called into their boss's office and hauled over the coals so they can really get involved in a face to face stink?

2)  Last year he was hauled over the coals after commenting on a weblog post by crime writer Tara Moss about women's marginalisation.

3)  Qaddafi's regime arrested two Swiss nationals and hauled Switzerland over the coals, extracting an apology and compensation before finally releasing the men nearly two years later.

4)  She is a shameless opportunist and should be hauled over the coals for this astounding example of hypocrisy and callousness.

5)  I think I liked being invisible more than being hauled over the coals.

6)  ... alarm about regulators not doing their job, Mr. Miller also hauled them over the coals for preventing citizens from being involved in environmental protection on their own.

7)  ... fact that women cause 90%+ of the divorces and the men get hauled over the coals in the divorce courts.

8)  ... or about being hauled over the coals by the in-laws during dinner, ...

9)  Yet I'd get hauled over the coals if anyone found out I had a black heritage and did not acknowledge it.

10)  I have been hauled over the coals by Roman Catholics, referred to as a heretic and a few worse names.

11)  If he's mistaken about the demographics, let him be duly hauled over the coals for crying wolf unnecessarily.

12)  ... it appears to me, they're getting hauled over the coals for something they're innocent of, but any attempt to refute the charge at ...

13)  ... anything vaguely conservative that gains traction gets hauled over the coals, vilified, and sent down the media coal chute.

14)  Mitt Romney criticized the UK's Olympics and was rightly hauled over the coals for it. He hurt our feelings, we recovered.

15)  The media would have hauled him over the coals no matter what he said. They tried to portray him as dumb.

16)  If the authorities are going to haul them over the coals, at least let them know what for.

17)  ... to coast to a stop when I realized my mistake. Wont haul over the coals too much as its hardly a disaster.

18)  I'm going to haul you over the coals for your not-so-subtle misogynistic "utterances" one day when I'm feeling up to it.

19)  That they'd haul underlings over the coals for something they feel they're above does go to prove what hypocritical swine they ...

20)  However, if we are going to haul him over the coals for bad writing, it should be for the clumsy writing in season 6.