to have a ball

Idiom Definition

"to have a ball"

to enjoy yourself very much;

to have a lot of fun

Idiom Definition - to have a ball


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Idiom Scenario 1

Idiom Definition - to have a ball

Look at all the children playing in the park.  They are running and jumping and laughing.  They are playing games and climbing on the play structures.  They are having a lot of fun. 

The children are having a ball.

Idiom Scenario 2

Idiom Definition - to have a ball

Linda and Jane are racing down a snow covered mountain.  The wind is streaming in their hair.  The snow is perfect for skiing.  The weather is fantastic, not too cold with the sun shining brightly.  Both women are skiing back and forth across the hill as they fly down, snow flying everywhere.  At the bottom of the hill, Linda and Jane stop by turning sideways and sliding to a stop.  When the snow clears, Jane turns to Linda with a huge smile on her face and asks ...

"Are you having fun?"

"It is incredible!"  I am having a ball!"

to have a ball - Usage:


Usage Frequency Index:   1,233   click for frequency by country

to have a ball - Gerund Form:

Having a ball can cause a person to laugh.

to have a ball - Examples:

1)  I have a ball when I go skiing.

2)  You have a ball when you win money at the horse racing track.

3)  He has a ball playing with his children.

4)  She has a ball when she goes to parties.

5)  My dog has a ball playing in the snow.

6)  We have a ball when we invite our friends over for a barbecue.

7)  You (all) have a ball when you go skydiving.

8)  They have a ball when they play video games.

9)  Hey Al, great party. I'm having a ball.

10)  They were having a ball and socialized with the guests. 

11)  The snow is beautiful, the children are having a ball as schools are closed.

12)  The college boys were having a ball. They were laughing like mad.

13)  We're having a ball making what we feel is some of our best music yet.

14)  Engineering and Science teachers are going to have a ball building stuff that interacts with other stuff.

15)  Close Sphero lets you have a ball with your smart phone.

16)  I am sure you will have a ball and come back laden with gifts.

17)  We do almost everything together and have a ball

18)  We took our two year old to our local exhibition and she had a ball.

19)  Grace and her friend had a ball though and came out into the daylight with their wee glow sticks.

20)  Must say I had a ball in Singapore, spent months there.