to have a change of heart

Idiom Definition

Idiom Definition - have a change of heart

"to have a change of heart"

to decide to change your opinion or feeling about something


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Idiom Scenario 1

Idiom Definition - have a change of heart

Two colleagues are talking ...

Colleague 1:  Do you still hate this new open-office plan?

Colleague 2:  You know, after a couple of months of working in this environment, I am starting to understand the benefits. I think I may like it.

Colleague 1:  Glad to hear you have had a change of heart.

Idiom Scenario 2

Idiom Definition - have a change of heart

Two friends are talking ...

Friend 1:  Is Jake going to come to the stadium and watch the game with us?

Friend 2:  The last time I talked to him, he said he wasn't.

Friend 1:  Well, I am buying him a ticket just in case he has a change of heart.

Friend 2:  Jake does love to watch games live. I think he will change his mind and come.

to have a change of heart - Usage:


Usage Frequency Index:   654   click for frequency by country

to have a change of heart - Gerund Form:

Having a change of heart, he decided to support a certain charity after all.

to have a change of heart - Examples:

1)  However, Mila clearly had a change of heart when she met heartthrob Ashton, 38, as the couple tied the knot last ...

2)  Eva had planned to wear a pant suit, but she had a change of heart as she was getting ready, and instead chose a simple white dress.

3)  ... die and escape old age. But at 75, I had a change of heart. I aimed at 80, then 85, then 90. Now 90-plus, ...

4)  ... procedures when she was young, and now says she has had a change of heart and regrets her past decisions.

5)  ... was not issued publicly, however, after one or more had a change of heart while in China and withdrew approval of the communique.

6)  However, Morrissey appears to have had a change of heart about turning his back on the U.K. after booking a show in his childhood home.

7)  ... would be vacating the property which I accepted. Then they had a change of heart and decided they didn't want to leave, ...

8)  ... hit back with his own lawsuit, but he reportedly had a change of heart last month (Jun16) and asked the judge overseeing their dispute to dismiss his ...

9)  ... but when the time came, he confessed he'd had a change of heart. He said he's getting too old to have a newborn, and worries ...

10)  ... didn't want his son back, but after awhile, he had a change of heart and asked the police officers to return his hard-core gamer son.

11)  ... questions across one hour before disappearing. He then seemed to have a change of heart because he returned shortly afterwards to answer a few more.

12)  ... safe in the knowledge that if they redecorate or have a change of heart down the line the fabric can be quickly and inexpensively swapped.

13)  ... who writes Apple will have a change of heart and release the base model of the iPhone with 32 GB of storage rather than ...

14)  ... that you can't get halfway up a mountain and then have a change of heart.

15)  Later on, however, she was made to have a change of heart, tearfully regretting her conspiratorial ways of old.

16)  It is during one terrifying experience that he has a change of heart and repents.

17)  As he's preparing to leave his missus behind, Sam has a change of heart and decides the family belong together.

18)  ... and he hopes the thief has a change of heart and returns the stolen property.

19)  ... also offered to guarantee his salary immediately if he has a change of heart on his request for a trade. 

20)  It's interesting he now has a change of heart. It's gone from not feasible to something he's exploring.