to have a field day

Idiom Definition

Idiom Definition - have a field day

"to have a field day"

to have a wild and uncontrolled time, often to the detriment of others;

to have a time of especially pleasant or exciting action


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Idiom Scenario 1

Idiom Definition - have a field day

Two colleagues are talking ...

Colleague 1:  I just found out that the boss wears a toupee.

Colleague 2:  That's great. We are going to have a field day with that information.

Colleague 1:  Imagine the jokes about baldness and "rugs" we can make.  Is that Yul Brynner or is that the boss?

Colleague 2:  Ha ha. Good one. And not to mention the fact that the boss will be so embarrassed.

Colleague 1:  Could be months of fun before we wear out all the jokes.

Idiom Scenario 2

Idiom Definition - have a field day

Two friends are talking ...

Friend 1:  I heard you obtained the cheat codes to unlock the entire game?

Friend 2:  It is amazing. I'm having a field day entering hidden rooms and using massive weapons that I did not even know existed. I played twelve hours non-stop on Sunday.

Friend 1:  I'd like to have some wild fun, too. Will you share the codes with me?

to have a field day - Usage:


Usage Frequency Index:   1,279   click for frequency by country

to have a field day - Gerund Form:

Having a field day, the five-year-old child used his markers to draw a picture on the living room wall.

to have a field day - Examples:

1)  ... loan sharks would have a field day with those people who would partake in business with those unscrupulous lenders.

2)  ... experimenting with a permanent marker, decided to have a field day drawing on my hall carpet with a permanent marker.

3)  Celebrities are constantly tweeting things they shouldn't and journalists have a field day every time it happens.

4)  Creative photographers will have a field day imaging the swollen red sun "punctured" by the circular disk of Venus.

5)  ... but any good trial lawyer would have a field day deposing the putative class representatives on the reliance and damages issues.

6)  ... a computerized car is going to run over someone and some lawyer will have a field day.

7)  ... blowing the problem out of proportion. Apple's rivals will have a field day with this.

8)  Unscrupulous salespeople and outright criminals had a field day over the phone, and one made off with a $25,000 cheque for home ...

9)  ... satisfied with his paycheck, he'd aparently scammed my Visa number and had a field day. A $2000+ field day that resulted in my having to cancel the card ...

10)  ... individuals while isolating us. I can imagine Karl Marx would have had a field day predicting the impact the internet and web would have had on lives.

11)  ... his nose has stayed the same size and width, the media has had a field day with making up stories about his appearance.

12)  ... have been revealed to be idle, greedy and corrupt and newspapers have had a field day, exposing their bloated public sectors and how their citizens avoid paying tax.

13)  ... privacy among conservatives who love to control women's reproduction and sexuality and had a field day back in the 90s with a certain president's indiscretions.

14)  Nevertheless, science fiction has had a field day with the possibility of brain stimulated experiences. In movies like "The Matrix ...

15)  ... what a circus that is now going on.. all while criminals were having a field day abusing the tax payers monies.

16)  ... a little too warm for the subtropical autumn night -- the mosquitoes were having a field day.

17)  The French gossip mags are having a field day at the moment researching the sex-life of Dominique Strauss-Kahn.

18)  The commentators were having a field day with him and its zero good for his confidence.

19)  Unfortunately because the man is dead the press are having a field day and taking advantage of the fact that the man can not fight back, ...

20)  Does look better though, and the birds are having a field day (evening??) decimating the worm population.