to have a frog in your throat

Idiom Definition

Idiom Definition - have a frog in your throat

"to have a frog in your throat"

to have ​difficulty in ​speaking because ​your ​throat ​feels ​dry and you ​want to ​cough


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Idiom Scenario 1

Idiom Definition - have a frog in your throat

Two friends are talking ...

Friend 1:  It is difficult to listen to this politician. He keeps pausing and coughing and clearing his throat.

Friend 2:  Perhaps he has a frog in his throat?

Friend 1:  Well, I wish he would just clear his throat or have a drink of water or something.

Idiom Scenario 2

Idiom Definition - have a frog in your throat

Two friends are talking ...

Friend 1:  I hear your singing debut is tonight. Are you ready?

Friend 2:  I'm really nervous. What if I get a frog in my throat?

Friend 1:  Do you voice preparation exercises and keep a glass of water handy and you will be OK.

to have a frog in your throat - Usage:


Usage Frequency Index:   24   click for frequency by country

to have a frog in your throat - Gerund Form:

Having a frog in your throat feels very uncomfortable.

to have a frog in your throat - Examples:

1)  The only other symptom I can add is that I have had a frog in my throat for ages now, especially in the morning.

2)  His presence hangs over Jimmy, who briefly freezes up and gets a frog in his throat until Kim (in a genuinely moving moment) puts her hand on ...

3)  Robert Plant wakes up with a frog in his throat, postpones ...

4)  After only two songs he confessed to the audience that he had a frog in his throat, hinting at a cold.

5)  Around a year ago, I felt as though I had catarrh all the time, like a frog in my throat, or mucus I couldn't clear.

6)  A frog in his throat: During his speech, Mr Corbyn (pictured yesterday) kept fluffing words and managed to called President Hollande ...

7)  But the humidity was contributing to a frog in his throat that he had to clear after nearly every sentence for the first 10 minutes.

8)  ... with commentators calling his performances wooden, and focusing on his tendency to develop a frog in his throat at key moments.

9)  You might have a 'frog' in your throat from the airway irritation and I've had some people complaining of a sore throat this past couple weeks.

10)  Measured and polite ("Sorry, I've got a frog in my throat but I'll try and croak"), with a gravitas that winds itself down the phone line.

11)  Susan Boyle stopped singing mid-song on The View this morning, apparently due to a frog in her throat.

12)  ... choked up with nothing to say, therefore I must have a frog in my throat.

13)  While having a frog in one's throat is every broadcaster's nightmare, Hitchener can rest easy that a cough was all he had to endure on air.

14)  Kate Fitzpatrick's Principal Boy Hamlet coughed and claimed she had a frog in her throat.

15)  ... Pietersen on day three might have at least led to a frog in the throat or a nervous tug at the shirt collar as he gave his explanations yesterday.

16)  After a strange silence, a muffled cough or two, Jackie croaked back into action and apologised for having a frog in his throat.

17)  Coach Gregg Marshall, who has had a frog in his throat since he got here, told reporters after the game that he'd been battling pneumonia for ...

18)  A fitness fanatic has revealed how his 'croaky voice' turned out to be not a frog in the throat but a deadly brain tumour.

19)  He sounds like he has a frog in this throat, and his voice cracks several times.

20)  He then later gets a frog in his throat and has to stop again.