to have a head start

Idiom Definition

"to have a head start"

to already have an advantage which may bring success in a competitive setting

Idiom Definition - to have a head start


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Idiom Scenario 1

Idiom Definition - to have a head start

It is Sunday morning.  Ned and Grace are sitting opposite each other at the kitchen table doing the Sunday crossword puzzle from the newspaper.  Grace tells Ned that she will finish the puzzle before him.  Ned replies that Grace has already been working on the puzzle for ten minutes and that...

She has a head start.

Therefore, it might be an unfair competition.

Idiom Scenario 2

Idiom Definition - to have a head start

It is a big day at the office.  Today is the day that the top salespeople will each give a presentation to determine who will be promoted.  Helen came into the office early in order to prepare.  Helen arrived one hour before any of her coworkers.  Helen thinks to herself...

"I have a head start on my coworkers."

Will Helen's head start allow her to win the competition?

to have a head start- Usage:


Usage Frequency Index:   329   click for frequency by country

to have a head start- Gerund Form:

Having a head start can make the difference between winning and losing.

to have a head start- Examples:

1)  We just want to hand on our own traditions so that they have a head start and something to compare other religions with. 

2)  When something does come up, you will have a head start on other applicants because you are known.

3)  If you have done pregnancy Pilates you will already have a head start to strengthening your core in the post natal.

4)  I welcome the changes to ICT and know he will have a head start after using a Raspberry all summer.

5)  Those raised in the pre-decimal and pre-metric era have a head start.

6)  If you have a large audited circulation you have a head start on your competition.

7)  Having owned an OASYS for six years, I have a head start on most people.

8)  It sounds like you have a head start with an understanding partner. 

9)  Healthcare organisations around the world have a head start on doing this and we should certainly seek to catch up.

10)  The wealthy have a head start, which is why they tend to come out ahead.

11)  There's a long learning curve to go through and we have a head start there.

12)  Those following dutifully in their parents' footsteps have a head start in terms of confidence.

13)  You should consider yourself lucky to have a head start!

14)  He rode cleverly, attacking before the climb so that he would have a head start

15)  I did have a head start with some props I've collected over the years.

16)  At least if nothing happens we have a head start and we can take different approaches in the next few cycles.

17)  We have a head start. This places us in a strong position.

18)  If you're rested, you've probably had enough sleep and have a head start on most people.

19)  Those finding what their dream is early in their lives have a head start on those that don't know what their dream is.

20)  Should I start my son early so that he can have a head start