to have a lot on your plate

Idiom Definition

Idiom Definition - have a lot on your plate

"to have a lot on your plate"

to have a lot of work to do;

to have a lot of responsibilities;

to have a lot of problems to deal with


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Idiom Scenario 1

Idiom Definition - have a lot on your plate

Two colleagues are talking ...

Colleague 1:  I wonder if you could give me a hand please.

Colleague 2:  Sorry, I can't right now. I am really very busy.

Colleague 1:  I guess with the company merger that you have a lot on your plate right now.

Colleague 2:  I have so much work that I will be working all weekend.

Idiom Scenario 2

Idiom Definition - have a lot on your plate

Two friends are talking ...

Friend 1:  You look serious.

Friend 2:  The stress of life is starting to affect me. I've got graduation coming up, then I'm getting married. I have a pile of student loan debt and my mother just went in the hospital.

Friend 1:  Wow! You sure have a lot on your plate.

to have a lot on your plate - Usage:


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to have a lot on your plate - Gerund Form:

Having a lot on your plate means that you do not have much free time.

to have a lot on your plate - Examples:

1)  And it seems that Zayn has a lot on his plate at the moment, causing him to suffer from anxiety, ...

2)  The award-winning author has a lot on his plate at the moment. He's writing another novel and will take to the stage ...

3)  Lananna has a lot on his plate. He and TrackTown are staging the USATF Indoor and World Indoor Championships in March.

4)  College seniors have a lot on their plate right now, looking for a job after graduation.

5)  ... and China's authorities have a lot on their plate. The government must cope with the short-term effects of the slowdown while continuing to ...

6)  Small business owners usually have a lot on their plate.

7)  Sonya said she has a lot on her plate right now and she doesn't want to deal with this.

8)  As fans know, Abby has a lot on her plate right now. She's a new mother who is planning a wedding to her ...

9)  ... all the dates would be too much. She already has a lot on her plate with her design empire.

10)  However, he had to drop that, as he had a lot on his plate but retained his dream in his brand logo.

11)  ... he probably had a lot on his plate as being a young boy and having a baby.

12)  Today things came to a head. He has had a lot on his plate as he is in the process of trying to find somewhere to live.

13)  Alex had the stress we all experience. He had a lot on his plate, he was studying for a doctorate, his wife was about to have a ...

14)  You seem to have a lot on your plate to manage. What solutions have you pursued for all of those challenges and have ...

15)  When you find you have a lot on your plate, you're already well and truly in the quicksand. Stay focused, work ...

16)  When you have a lot on your plate, it's easy to feel like you're never quite done. Set clear ...

17)  ... who is someone you think would have a lot on his plate and wouldn't have enough time to rant unnecessarily on Twitter.

18)  ... precludes any opportunity for creative thinking. Roth will have a lot on his plate when he takes over, not least fundraising for reconstruction of the ...

19)  ... very busy over the past 12 months, and we have a lot on our plate today.

20)  We have a lot on our plate at the moment with the G20, with a whole range of activities that we ...