to have a quiet word with

Idiom Definition

Idiom Definition - have a quiet word with

"to have a quiet word with"

to speak to someone privately and informally in order to discuss a problem or issue


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Idiom Scenario 1

Idiom Definition - have a quiet word with

Two colleagues are talking ...

Colleague 1:  Does the new intern not understand our code of conduct here at the office?

Colleague 2:  I would guess that he doesn't but I do not wish to embarrass him in front of all the staff so I will take him into a private conference room and have a quiet word with him.

Colleague 1:  That is a very diplomatic approach and hopefully the new intern will follow the approved code of conduct.

Idiom Scenario 2

Idiom Definition - have a quiet word with

Two friends are talking at a party ...

Friend 1:  Wendy seems to be getting a little carried away. I think she has had a couple too many drinks. Her behavior is becoming almost embarrassing and I really think she will regret it tomorrow when she sobers up.

Friend 2:  You are absolutely right. I'll have a quiet word with her and hopefully be able to put her in a taxi and send her home.

to have a quiet word with - Usage:


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to have a quiet word with - Gerund Form:

Having a quiet word with a subordinate can avoid their public embarrassment.

to have a quiet word with - Examples:

1)  ... a more secure president was worried about an upstart staffer, he might have a quiet word with him, put him back in his box without making a fuss.

2)  I'll now go up and have a quiet word with a player instead of shouting and screaming in the dressing-room.

3)  ... is the person you look to to set the boundaries of behaviour and have a quiet word with whoever crosses them.

4)  ... client attempted to pull her from her seat, claiming he wanted to have a quiet word with her.

5)  But I'm happy to have a quiet word with him. I've sharpened up my counselling skills over the years and ...

6)  ... after a reporting period has ended, many companies' investor-relations departments even have a quiet word with analysts to secure their beat and minimize negative coverage.

7)  ... who wants to be a lawyer that he would have a quiet word with him about the perils of a legal career. 

8)  ... if someone comes to work dressed inappropriately, one of their peers will have a quiet word with them.

9)  ... presumably sent some of their best people to have a quiet word with Lucas, and he has since had his lawyers draft a lengthy apology.

10)  ... not to lay a complaint at the local police station, but to have a quiet word with ...

11)  ... story was accurate and informative. (Mail Online journalists may want to have a quiet word with their headline writers). What kind of research was this?

12)  ... still find yourself being put under pressure, it's perhaps time to have a quiet word with them or even rethink the friendship - real friends wouldn't pressure you ...

13)  The teachers might take you into their office and have a quiet word with you to explain some things if you asked.

14)  ... when the victim's next appointment is, and he can arrange to have a quiet word with her, without her abuser finding out. 

15)  The way to work in Brussels is to have a quiet word with fellow members of the elite and cut a deal. 

16)  ... point it out and hopefully other people will back you up -- maybe have a quiet word with them first to see if they feel the same way.

17)  ... uniform policy was brought in. Prefects stand by the door at assembly and have a quiet word with pupils not conforming to it, ...

18)  ... and only occasionally has to take me to one side to have a quiet word with me about the combination of Twitter and alcohol.

19)  Someone really needs to have a quiet word with whoever is in charge of oil spill vocabulary at BP.

20)  ... have explicit guidelines about this written down somewhere: If in doubt, have a quiet word with your office manager before you flaunt your skin.