to have an edge

Idiom Definition

"to have an edge"

to have an advantage

Idiom Definition - to have an edge


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Idiom Scenario 1

Idiom Definition - to have an edge

One student with fewer resources is talking to another student who has many resources.

Student 1:  "Did you apply to the same fancy college that I applied to?"

Student 2:  "Yes, I did, but I don't think I'll get in."

Student 1:  "Why not?  Your grades are the same as mine."

Student 2:  "Yes, that true, but I wasn't born into a rich family like you."

Student 1:  "Do you think that will give me an advantage?"

Student 2:  "Of course you have an edge getting into that fancy college.  Your parents are rich and connected and can ensure that you are admitted."

Idiom Scenario 2

Idiom Definition - to have an edge

It's Sunday afternoon and two students are talking about their final exam which is scheduled for the next day ...

Student 1:  "Did you study for the final exam?"

Student 2:  "Yes, of course!  I've been studying all weekend."

Student 1:  "Well, you've got the edge.  I haven't even started studying yet."

to have an edge - Usage:


Usage Frequency Index:   997   click for frequency by country

to have an edge - Gerund Form:

Having an edge in life often means you have some advantage.

Gaining an edge can be very difficult.

Giving someone an edge is a very nice thing to do.

to have an edge - Examples:

1)  I have an edge because my father is a carpenter.

2)  You have an edge because your parents are rich.

3)  He has an edge because he has been working here for over three years.

4)  She has an edge because she already checked all the advertising sales fliers.

5)  The company has an edge on their competitors because they have the best location.

6)  We have an edge on the other team because we have been studying their plays.

7)  You (all) have an edge over the competition because your formula is unique.

8)  They have an edge because they started climbing before us.

9)  So far, however, Democrats also have an edge in the party identification numbers in the exit polls.

10)  Some will insist that they have an edge over a specific opponent in one particular area.

11)  Those students with iPhones/iPod touches may now have an edge.

12)  With his war chest, Mr. Weiner would have an edge over several of the likely Democratic candidates.

13)  Our research shows women have an edge over men when it comes to networking.

14) When it comes to innovation, small companies still have an edge that big business is trying to replicate. 

15)  I agree with you that experienced players have an edge on new ones.

16)  Sounds like those brick and mortar stores have an edge, at least on price.

17)  The starts were so important today, and Jes' team had an edge over us in all three races.

18)  It was feared that if some people had an edge, others would be reluctant to enter the weight-guessing competition. 

19)  And polls showed he had an edge in support on social issues and likability.

20)  IMAX had an edge over its competitor by delivering a superior value through technology.