to have eyes on

Idiom Definition

Idiom Definition - have eyes on

"to have eyes on"

to be able to see something or someone;

to watch something or someone


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Idiom Scenario 1

Idiom Definition - have eyes on

Two executives are talking on the telephone ...

Executive 1:  Has the report arrived yet?

Executive 2:  I believe that the mail room sent a notice that the report was here.

Executive 1:  Have you actually seen the report?

Executive 2:  No.

Executive 1:  Please go to the mail room and get the report and call me back when you have eyes on it.

Executive 2:  OK.

Idiom Scenario 2

Idiom Definition - have eyes on

Two parents are talking about their teenage daughter ...

Father:  I hate it when Susan just takes off.

Mother:  I know. I get so worried when she doesn't call.

Father:  I'm going to go out looking for her.

Mother:  Please call me the moment you have eyes on her.

Father:  I will.

to have eyes on - Usage:


Usage Frequency Index:   87   click for frequency by country

to have eyes on - Gerund Form:

Having eyes on someone means you know where they are.

to have eyes on - Examples:

1)  Just let the software monitor what they are doing, and actual developer should have eyes on it at some point.

2)  ... develop more of a mixed use that would have eyes on the street, that would have people living in the community. 

3)  Radio chatter is heard that the Taliban have eyes on the patrol and are preparing to attack again.

4)  A busy barman could not have eyes on the McCann party for two and a half hours.

5)   ... have a short-range view # ask how and when # have eyes on bottom line # initiate # accept status quo # do things right

6)  ... only if U.S. officials choose to share the information, because only Americans have eyes on the radar.

7)  I have eyes on them all the time so I don't know how you get that cycle ...

8)  A LRRP team using ROVER (Remotely Operated Video Enhanced Receiver) could have eyes on the target and ensure Zero Civilian Casualties (ZCC) or no collateral damage.

9)   So, there is no surprise if external powers have eyes on us.

10)  The Palestinians also did not have eyes on the impact zone to correct the aimpoint for follow-on barrages.

11)  I love attention and I live my life knowing that people will always have eyes on me.

12)  I have eyes on enemy armor and helicopters advancing on the evac site from the south and southwest.

13)  Thats when you should have figured out you have eyes on you all the time.

14)  Having eyes on your social media brand perception 24/7 is vital to prevent this from happening.

15)   As important as having eyes on economic indicators, is to have an eye on those political indicators which show ...

16)  A couple of weeks ago on nights CCTV announced they had eyes on a male carrying a handgun in the town centre

17)  We didn't know the extent of the damage until we actually had eyes on the C-17.

18)  So the battery commander continued to fire, believing the UAV pilot who had eyes on the target, killing more infantrymen.

19)  Luckily there were 2 of us so we had eyes on our boxes and luggage most of the time.

20)  He said his son-in-law had eyes on the amount.