to have it made

Idiom Definition

Idiom Definition - have it made

"to have it made"

"to have got it made"

to have no problems;

to have achieved success


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Idiom Scenario 1

Idiom Definition - have it made

Two colleagues are talking ...

Colleague 1: Well, you have your manager's approval. You have board approval and you have a budget to work with. You have got it made!

Colleague 2: I am well on my way to bringing this project to fruition, yes. It is just a matter of putting all the pieces together.

Idiom Scenario 2

Idiom Definition - have it made

Two friends are talking ...

Friend 1: Have you heard the news about Clara? She has just sold her website for twenty million dollars.

Friend 2: Good for her. She has it made now.

Friend 1: With all that money, I wonder what she will do next?

Friend 2: Certainly that kind of success will allow her some freedom of choice.

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to have it made - Usage:


Usage Frequency Index:   458   click for frequency by country

to have it made - Gerund Form:

Having it made, she no longer needed to work for a living.

to have it made - Examples:

1)  ... they are one of the lucky ones to get a job, they have it made -- big bucks, summer off, every stat holiday off, great Christmas break ...

2)  ... are selected for the college track in high school are taught that they have it made, while those who go into a vocation are led to believe they have less ...

3)  If her site was an on-line store, she'd have it made!

4)  I know it sounds like we have it made but being cramped in the tiny apartment with them all day every day gets old.

5)  Publishers with a successful catalogue already out there have it made because they can cross promote.

6)  Whoever is chosen will have it made. A role in a West End show sets you up for life.

7)  But as a whole I think we have it made in KY and see no reason to live anywhere else. 

8)  ... there has been a mass migration to the city by a group who have it made already, who were raised with a sense of entitlement, whose whole life has ...

9)  You'll see that these factory workers have it made in heaven compared to some of the working conditions Americans were faced with.

10)  I have long thought that the homeless really have it made. They get to live under overpasses for FREE. They don't have to ...

11)  Today I work harder than ever before and from all outward appearances I have it made. Internally I know the pace is killing me.

12)  Transport: It may be Zone 3, but Stratford has it made for transport. From Stratford station, there are the Central line, the DLR ...

13)  The wealthy have it made not to worry about things like how to pay utility or insurance or ...

14)  Capricans have it made - their planet is the center of art, culture, science, and politics ...

15)  Photographers in Paris have it made. Couples look great wrapped in the world's most romantic city.

16)  ... unless they are rich and have it made, with no worries or struggles.

17)  If you can blend the two elements you have it made!

18)  If I could have the G Note 2 running iOS, I'd have it made in the shade! 

19)  According to this article on Business Insider, you can act like you have it made without actually spending the money to do it.

20)  I've been accepted into Cannes -- I have it made! The top 3 film festivals in the world are ...