to have nerve

Idiom Definition

Idiom Definition - have nerve

"to have (some/a/the/a lot of) nerve"

to be impudently aggressive;

to have audacity, to show effrontery


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Idiom Scenario 1

Idiom Definition - have nerve

Two colleagues are talking ...

Colleague 1:  I can't believe the way you confronted the boss about his horrible mistake in front of the entire team.

Colleague 2:  Right is right.

Colleague 1:  Still, you have some nerve openly opposing the boss that way. There was definitely insult given. I am sure that there will be repercussions.

Idiom Scenario 2

Idiom Definition - have nerve

Two people are arguing ...

Person 1:  You really shouldn't strike your child like that. It doesn't matter that the child was having a tantrum. What kind of mother are you?

Person 2:  You have a nerve telling a stranger how to parent their child. What gives you the right?

Person 1:  Perhaps you feel offended but violence against children is simply not tolerated in this country. If you continue, I will notify the authorities.

Person 2:  Mind your own business!

to have nerve - Usage:


Usage Frequency Index:   2,609   click for frequency by country

to have nerve - Gerund Form:

Having some nerve, he rudely confronted the boss in front of the whole office.

to have nerve - Examples:

1)  ... the carriage missing. I was just shocked that somebody would have the nerve to come in our yard -- it's maybe 75 feet from the house ...

2)  They know the numbers, and they have the nerve to up their wagers, even in the midst of a bad hand.

3)  I think he says what people are thinking but may not have the nerve to say. He does not apologize, and you shouldn't have to apologize ...

4)  These people are arrogant and they have a nerve to tell us to move out when we complain about the dangers of pesticides to ...

5)  ... quick to tell us about his rights and his choices and then you have a nerve to attempt to trample on our choices to have an opinion about such choices, ...

6)  You have a nerve to come in here and disparage our young people.

7)  These guys have some nerve accusing Trudeau of unoriginality. 

8)  You have some nerve to expect people to pay for your mistake.

9)  But the plantations balk in greed, and tell us that we have some nerve to talk of conservation need.

10)  Unbelievable! Some people have a lot of nerve. And apparently have no life to have nothing more to do then judge other ...

11)  ... the faceless mechanics of returning an online purchase, people sure have a lot of nerve when it comes to taking things back these days.

12)  ... concept of the pain they have inflicted on people. They have a lot of nerve -- these guys have no sense of the pain and suffering that people are feeling ...

13)  A church member who had the nerve to defraud his own pastors and other church members of large sums of money, ...

14)  It turns out, I learned after I settled in and had the nerve to ask, she had taken a puck between the eyes while getting photos at ...

15)  He had the nerve to tell you to check your brain.

16)  ... is contributing less and less to the device and ecosystem but still has the nerve to collect just as much.

17)  At last a supplier that has the nerve to stand up to Tesco. For far too long Tesco have dictated to suppliers ...

18)  Netanyahu, who has made Israel a very unsafe place for years, has a nerve to call on Jews to leave Europe because it's unsafe.

19)  ... for her perceived hypocrisy. Led by Anthony, the table claims she has some nerve showing up with a man she flirted with at the last dinner party!

20)  ... has some nerve making Haitians sleep in cramped JPO tents, while he owns a mansion.