to have one foot in the grave

Idiom Definition

Idiom Definition - have one foot in the grave

"to have one foot in the grave"

to be almost dead;

to be at the end of useful service


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Idiom Scenario 1

Idiom Definition - have one foot in the grave

Two siblings are talking ...

Sibling 1:  You had better book a flight home. Aunt Ruth has one foot in the grave.

Sibling 2:  We knew she was ill but I thought she was beating the cancer.

Sibling 1:  The treatment was working for a while but Aunt Ruth is dying now. She will be gone in the next couple of days.

Sibling 2:  I am on my way home.

Idiom Scenario 2

Idiom Definition - have one foot in the grave

Two friends are talking ...

Friend 1:  Looks like I need to buy a new cellphone. This one has one foot in the grave.

Friend 2:  It's not working?

Friend 1:  Sometimes it works and sometimes it doesn't. It won't last much longer.

to have one foot in the grave - Usage:


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to have one foot in the grave - Gerund Form:

Having one foot in the grave, the terminally ill woman maxed out her credit cards and went on an around the world tour.

to have one foot in the grave - Examples:

1)  ... these viewers, who already have one foot in the grave because of physical and mental heath issues, spend their golden years listening to ...

2)  You may not have one foot in the grave at age 70 but the reality of those last 14-16 years being healthy and able ...

3)  You may be worried you'll have one foot in the grave at age 70, but don't fret. According to Social Security actuarial data ...

4)  I have one foot in the grave and should just watch with hope as events unfold in my twilight years.

5)  The art of shorthand doesn't just have one foot in the grave, it has the other planted firmly on a banana peel. 

6)  ... prove medical malpractice killed a 90 year who likely already had one foot in the grave.

7)  Then I hit 30, and in modeling terms I had one foot in the grave. Making the transition to businesswoman was difficult, ...

8)  Canada's graphite mining industry had one foot in the grave when China flooded the market in the early 90s.

9)  Privacy is dead. It already had one foot in the grave with the rise of the Big Brother state, but now thanks to the internet ...

10)  She had one foot in the grave during that pregnancy. She was not well.

11)  ... "in my country when a woman gives birth she has one foot in the grave", She said: "That 300 000 women die globally every year ...

12)  Aging superstar Burt Reynolds may have one foot in the grave, but he's got his mojo back and vows to celebrate his 80th birthday with a new ...

13)  This bizarre range of shoes may make the owner feel like they have one foot in the grave. Crafted from dead animals, ...

14)  Growing up in Ethiopia there was an old saying that to be pregnant is to have one foot in the grave.

15)  One respondent lamented that "you almost have to have one foot in the grave" to qualify for disability benefits.

16)  “They have one foot in the grave,” Slesnick said. “The leading cause of death for boys is suicide, and it's overdose for the girls.

17)  And since it is for people 55 and older, it can show people "that we don't have one foot in the grave," Brunner said with a laugh.

18)  Ever had a thought ... I'd love to do this or that but it's too late, I'm too old, I'd have one foot in the grave by the time I finished studying, training, ...

19)  Well, by the time your child is 15, you'll have one foot in the grave and many teenagers are caring for elderly parents who decided very late in ...

20)  According to their advancing years one could be forgiven for thinking they should have one foot in the grave.