to have second thoughts

Idiom Definition

Idiom Definition - have second thoughts

"to have second thoughts"

to consider changing a decision or opinion that you have already made because you may be having doubts about your original decision or opinion


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Idiom Scenario 1

Idiom Definition - have second thoughts

Two colleagues are talking ...

Colleague 1: Are you working on the Callum project?

Colleague 2: Yes. Why?

Colleague 1: You should probably stop working on it. The boss is having second thoughts about proceeding with it. Apparently, he was reviewing some of the details of the memorandum of understanding and found a couple of clauses that gave him some doubts about the project. He wants to take some time to consider what to do next.

Idiom Scenario 2

Idiom Definition - have second thoughts

Two friends are talking ...

Friend 1: Are you enjoying your new mobile phone?

Friend 2: It is OK. I am wondering if I really made the right decision, though. The other phone seemed to have more features for a better price.

Friend 1: Trust your instincts. It is natural to have second thoughts with this sort of purchase. The reviews on the phone you bought were far better than that other phone. You bought a really good phone. Don't worry.

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to have second thoughts - Usage:


Usage Frequency Index:   867   click for frequency by country

to have second thoughts - Gerund Form:

Having second thoughts, the manager put the project on hold pending review.

to have second thoughts - Examples:

1)  Even the most morally dubious physician would have second thoughts about prescribing a medication just for a financial kick-back.

2)  ... during the period when he began planning the murder? Did he ever have second thoughts, or was he always sure about what he was planning to do?

3)  It is also in no position to assert its rights if we should have second thoughts and pull out of any deals we might make with them.

4)  ... nuns who had accused the priest of these terrible deeds, began to have second thoughts and recanted their statements. 

5)  If they drop out or have second thoughts about the program, they must repay their tuition fees and stipend.

6)  ... and after the decision not to go, I was starting to have second thoughts.. would have been a lot of fun marching out with the team.

7)  It wasn't long after getting the tattoo that I began to have second thoughts

8)  ... the high attrition rate has led many potential Taliban recruits to have second thoughts about risking their lives for the cause. 

9)  He agreed but began to have second thoughts when he discovered that Richard Secord was involved in the operation.

10)  ... if in moving on he does not have second thoughts, moments of doubt, perhaps a crisis of conscience over whether he will ever ...

11)  But as time went by he began to have second thoughts. It bothered him that his son was dressing in black hats and sunglasses, ...

12)  ... three of them will freak you out and would make any sane person have second thoughts about raising kids.

13)  It's also possible that Joseph began to have second thoughts on the plates and suspected that they were maybe a hoax after all.

14)  But what happens if you have second thoughts? What if you need to trade in your sports car for a minivan because ...

15)  Were there ever any moments you thought you might back out or have second thoughts?

16)  Do you constantly have second thoughts about breaking up? Do you wonder if you should change your mind?

17)  Did you two have second thoughts about going from casual to serious, due to the age difference?

18)  ... worked so much like my standard iPad that it immediately caused me to have second thoughts about a decision I thought I had already made.

19)  It's not entirely surprising that many Americans have second thoughts about the First Amendment, particularly during a time of crisis. 

20)  Sources often have second thoughts after a story is published, and/or feel the reporter has misquoted them, or ...