to have the floor

Idiom Definition

Idiom Definition - have the floor

"to have the floor"

to have the right to speak at a formal meeting or function


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Idiom Scenario 1

Idiom Definition - have the floor

We join a business meeting in progress ...

Leader:  Just wait a minute everyone. Nobody can understand a thing if everyone talks at once. I am going to give Bruce the floor so that he can explain his ideas. Everyone else, please be quiet and listen and you will get your turn.

Bruce:  OK, then.  It's my turn to speak?

Leader:  Please, you have the floor.

Idiom Scenario 2

Idiom Definition - have the floor

A town council meeting is in progress ...

Councilor Smith:  Just a minute. That's not right. I believe ...

Mayor:  Please, it is not your turn to speak. Councilor Ross has the floor. Councilor Ross, please proceed.

Councilor Ross:  Thank you, Mr. Mayor. As I was saying ...

to have the floor - Usage:


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to have the floor - Gerund Form:

Having the floor, you proceed with your presentation to the board.

to have the floor - Examples:

1)  ... don't interrupt another candidate and make sure you also let others have the floor during the interview.

2)  ... would be to push the politician to the side and let the expert have the floor for a change.

3)  Abbotts family should stay out of it and let Labor have the floor, they know Abbott better than his family do.

4)  ... you're not liking what he's telling you, he deserves to have the floor for a few minutes.

5)  ... to let the extreme 'What About Me' opinion makers have the floor, again and again, at work, at games, at fondue parties.

6)  On average, each person should have the floor for 10 minutes maximum. The Chair should not take sides whilst running the meeting ...

7)  Speak only when you have the floor.

8)  Councilman... Mayet, the chair recognizes you. You have the floor.

9)  ... but it's inexcusable that someone else should be talking when you have the floor.

10)  Let the other person speak first or have the floor first. You can do this by simply asking them a question.

11)  As soon as David had the floor, at least four women who were secreted in the audience rose with video cameras ...

12)  Hon. Premier, you had the floor. Please proceed.

13)  ... fact is that they repeatedly attended meetings in the force when they "had the floor" and also had the opportunity to record any concerns regarding budgets ...

14)  ... no trouble gearing and engaging the conference delegates during the 15 minutes she had the floor by bringing the reality of the woman's need for freedom closer to them.

15)  ... about 10 minutes, I might ask those of you who haven't had the floor to try a second time.

16)  We say the person who is speaking " has the floor ". This expression comes from very formal meetings (e.g., in Parliament).

17)  Last question! A woman up the back called Kate has the floor and is concerned about superannuation.

18)  Obama tends to perform well in the town hall format when he has the floor to himself and the audience is carefully screened and demographically analyzed.

19)  ... point of dispute or question about what is being said by someone who has the Floor of the House or other Chamber ...

20)  The time consumed by interpolation is counted against a member who has the floor; that is the reason why he has the option to yield or not to ...