to have (some) time to kill

Idiom Definition

Idiom Definition - have time to kill

"to have (some) time to kill"

to have a period of time with nothing to do, while waiting for a future event


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Idiom Scenario 1

Idiom Definition - have time to kill

Two colleagues are talking ...

Colleague 1: All set for your business trip? I noticed that you will have a three-hour stopover in Houston.

Colleague 2: Yes. I am going to have some time to kill so I have got a good book to read while I wait for the connecting flight.

Idiom Scenario 2

Idiom Definition - have time to kill

A couple are on holidays ...

Wife: The tour bus doesn't leave for another hour and we are all packed and ready to go.

Husband: Looks like we have time to kill. What do you want to do?

Wife: Let's stroll through the local market while we wait.

Husband: Sure. That's not too intense and we won't be too far from the departure point.

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to have (some) time to kill - Usage:


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to have (some) time to kill - Gerund Form:

Having a little time to kill before the event started, we went for a coffee at the coffee shop next door.

to have (some) time to kill - Examples:

1)  We had time to kill so got croissants and coffee from a bakery and then went and had a look ...

2)  There's a cup of tea which implies that I had time to kill before hitting the road.

3)  And because I had time to kill before I needed to get to work, since I got up at farmer time.

4)  Afterwards we had some time to kill before Roisin was set to play an open mic that evening.

5)  ... she'd arrived in the village too early, and had time to kill once she'd parked the Volvo.

6)  I asked for a newspaper to read when we had time to kill prior to the wedding.

7)  I was early for a dinner date, had some time to kill so I popped in to browse.

8)  We had some time to kill before the guided tour, so we made a diversion into the walled garden.

9)  We had time to kill so we stopped in a little cafe inside the station.

10)  As I had some time to kill in Dubai, it was time to find a lounge, have a coffee and ...

11)  I have time to kill now until the next inspection. Perhaps I'll have some lunch.

12)  ... or you have a long layover -- you're going to have some time to kill

13)  Luckily we have some time to kill before soundcheck and we discover a bookshop round the corner from where we've parked.

14)  ... or sometimes when I get to the gym from work early and have time to kill before my class.

15)  Unfortunately, they have time to kill before the shooting starts, and make use of the minibar in Dylan's trailer.

16)  This is when they have time to kill. Some may chat with friends; others may listen to music or maybe read ...

17)  If you have time to kill between your hotel checkout and when your flight departs, ...

18)  It is one thing to have time to kill, but quite a shame to kill time uselessly. 

19)  I had some time to kill before I actually had to go give the lesson, so I found a corner ...

20)  We had some time to kill, and I suggested one more stop.