to have two bites of the cherry

Idiom Definition

Idiom Definition - have two bites of the cherry

"to have two bites of the cherry"

to have another opportunity to achieve something or to get something you want


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Idiom Scenario 1

Idiom Definition - have two bites of the cherry

Two colleagues are talking ...

Colleague 1:  Have you got the sales pitch perfected?

Colleague 2:  I believe so.

Colleague 1:  This pitch needs to be perfect, flawless in fact. This is our biggest and most important potential client to date. We do not have two bites of the cherry on this one. We are either successful or that is it. We will not get a second chance. The client will go somewhere else.

Idiom Scenario 2

Idiom Definition - have two bites of the cherry

Two students are talking ...

Student 1:  You look upset.

Student 2:  I am. I failed my exam.

Student 1:  Not to worry. You can get another bite at the cherry. You just need to apply to the professor for a re-take.

Student 2:  Seriously? The professor will give me a second chance at the exam?

Student 1:  Sure. You just need to ask. You will get a new exam.

Student 2:  That's a relief.

to have two bites of the cherry - Usage:


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to have two bites of the cherry - Gerund Form:

Having two bites of the cherry, the student was not worried when he failed the first exam.

to have two bites of the cherry - Examples:

1)  It's two bites of the cherry - we freeze the tissue and freeze the matured eggs ...

2)  ... and the actor admits to feeling incredibly lucky at getting two bites of the cherry.

3)  ... it be to double the income of the interests involved so they can have two bites of the cherry?

4)  Last night's events flourished to such an extent that delighted producers got two bites of the cherry and recorded a pair of shows.

5)  ... latter passed on the game after losing their North Harbour semifinal, not wanting two bites at the cherry, as it were.

6)  On this occasion, we have two bites at the cherry with two home games against Israel and Andorra, ...

7)  They get two bites at the cherry instead of it all being packaged up as one.

8)  ... an attempt to have two bites at the cherry in the hope that one is correct.

9)  It gives us two bites at the cherry - one in winter and one in summer.

10)  ... looks forward to a comeback and second bite of the cherry.

11)  ... on appeals to prevent some students getting a " second bite of the cherry " if they are unsatisfied with their initial mark at GCSE and A-level. 

12)  It is not fair to allow some students to have a second bite of the cherry by giving them a higher mark on review, when the first mark was perfectly ...

13)  ... but the most difficult thing of all is to get a second bite at the cherry after you've already been deemed surplus to requirements.

14)  There is no second bite at the cherry of life but ...

15)  ... that all ex-spouses can reopen their financial settlements to have a second bite at the cherry to obtain more.

16)  If you can go out and play well you get another bite of the cherry.

17)  We've had a number of kids who've had another bite of the cherry and succeeded the second time where they didn't the first.

18)  ... you keep having to go back for another bite of the cherry and each cycle is very expensive.

19)  ... just doing it once; it seems everyone comes back for another bite at the cherry.

20)  ... appeal, then, having read the catalogue, return for another bite at the cherry. One visit is not enough and the museum should recognise this by arranging some ...