to have two strikes against

Idiom Definition

Idiom Definition - have two strikes against

"to have two strikes against"

to have strong factors opposing


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Idiom Scenario 1

Idiom Definition - have two strikes against

Two colleagues are talking ...

Colleague 1:  Do you think Wesley will get the promotion?

Colleague 2:  I doubt it. He has two strikes against him.

Colleague 1:  Really?

Colleague 2:  Sure. He has only been with the company a year and he does not have his MBA.

Colleague 1:  I guess that does severely limit his chances of promotion.

Idiom Scenario 2

Idiom Definition - have two strikes against

Two friends are talking ...

Friend 1:  Poor Claire. She always struggles so much to make her way in life. She is always losing jobs and making very poor decisions. She just can't seem to get anywhere. And she is such a nice person.

Friend 2:  Well, she was born with two strikes against her.

Friend 1:  I did not know that.

Friend 2:  Yes, her mother was a heroine addict and they were very poor.

to have two strikes against - Usage:


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to have two strikes against - Gerund Form:

Having two strikes against him, there was no way he was getting the job.

to have two strikes against - Examples:

1)  But now we have two strikes against that path. One is there was a big crisis and how much that path was responsible for the crisis.

2)  Throw in Hillary's perceived character faults — and the FBI's underlining of them — and she'll have two strikes against her the moment, ...

3)  When she did have two strikes against us, we didn't stay within ourselves and focus, and we need to work on that.

4)  And I'm fine with it because my mom and dad [always told me] 'you have two strikes against you, you're black and you're Mexican'… 

5)  Advocates say that although they may not have two strikes against them when they approach legislators, they don't start with a 0-0 count either.

6)  “You have two strikes against you. One, you're African American. Two, you're an African-American male,” Alison warned him. On top of his ...

7)  I worry about the people in my life that still reside here: aunts, cousins and childhood friends that just like me have two strikes against them, ...

8)  I have two strikes against me: I'm an ex-con and I'm also, 64 years old - and have been told I should retire.

9)  “I just kept thinking,” Jesse explains, her eyes on Ivey as she talks, “You already have two strikes against you. You're black and you're a woman ...

10)  Bossman, we were born Bajans and black, we have two strikes against us already . 

11)  A black actress, like Viola Davis, or Indian, like Mindy Kaling, have two strikes against them: their gender and ethnicity.

12)  I have two strikes against me already. Somebody saying I have a mental illness is a third strike and I can't deal with that.

13)  High-quality bond funds have two strikes against them if held in non-registered accounts. For one thing, their interest yields are low. For another ...

14)  Residents of low-income, minority neighborhoods have two strikes against them: The incidence of out-of-hospital cardiac arrest is much higher ...

15)  So Supernatural fans might have two strikes against Cortese: one for changing Ruby's character, and another for taking Padelecki off the ...

16)  So homeless children have two strikes against them: They suffer the extreme instability caused by homelessness on top of the negative effects ...

17)  When we consider Hollywood marriages and long distance relationships we can see that George and Amal have two strikes against them and ...

18)  When it comes to innovation, public companies have two strikes against them. First the markets favor capital efficiency over R&D. And secondly ...

19)  What do we do with kids who have two strikes against them already? We put them into penal situations.

20)  These individuals already have two strikes against them,” he said. Similarly, a three-year study of people with mild cognitive impairment by ...