to have your act together

Idiom Definition

"to have your act together"

to have become more organized or efficient with your activities

Idiom Definition - to have your act together


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Idiom Scenario 1

Idiom Definition - to have your act together

Look at Bill.  He is a successful used car salesman.  He always dresses nicely.  He sells many cars and all his customers love him.  He has a reputation for being honest.  His life is organized and efficient.

Bill sure has his act together.

Idiom Scenario 2

Idiom Definition - to have your act together

Helen is a successful business woman. Her house is clean and tidy. She is happily married and enjoys many activities with family and friends. Helen always dresses fashionably. She arrives on time to her appointments. We could say of Helen...

"Helen definitely has her act together."

to have your act together - Usage:


Usage Frequency Index:   294   click for frequency by country

to have your act together - Gerund Form:

Having your act together means that you have worked hard to be organized.

to have your act together - Examples:

1)  I have my act together. Therefore, I do not need to get my act together.

2)  You have your act together.  Therefore, you do not need to get your act together.

3)  He has his act together.  Therefore, he does not need to get his act together.

4)  She has her act together.  Therefore, she does not need to get her act together.

5)  The government has its act together.

6)  We have our act together.  Therefore, we do not need to get our act together.

7)  You (all) have your act together.  Therefore, you (all) do not need to get your act together.

8)  They have their act together.  Therefore, they do not need to get their act together.

9)  Now our board knows that they need to have their act together and players know that there are options for high performers.

10)  These guys look like they really have their act together and developed both the helicopter and the software to make flying as simple as possible.

11)  I remember thinking to myself, "They really have their act together!" They " personalized " the experience with just a few words.

12)  The Poles have their act together and have a level of self assuredness we can only dream about.

13)  Managers only make arbitrary decisions because the developers don't have their act together and can't hit a schedule or budget to save their lives.

14)  There are many countries in the same size range as Jamaica that have their act together and Jamaica could and should do the same.

15)  There is no doubt that they have their act together and planning is well under way to make Auckland "the most liveable city".

16)  There are far too many people who look like they have their act together but have yet to make an impact.

17)  It shows they have their act together and have a desire to know and learn.

18)  The data centers also generally have their act together more when it comes to cooling, power conditioning and other server management activities.

19)  People who have their act together breeze through security, me included.

20)  I pursue and work for employers who have their act together.