to have your eye on something

Idiom Definition

Idiom Definition - have your eye on something

"to have your eye on something"

to admire and want to have something;

to have as an objective


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Idiom Scenario 1

Idiom Definition - have your eye on something

Two colleagues are talking ...

Colleague 1:  I have heard that Stan is going to be retiring soon.

Colleague 2:  And you want his job?

Colleague 1:  I have had my eye on his job since I started here.

Colleague 2:  You really want the job, then?

Colleague 1:  It's what I have been working for.

Idiom Scenario 2

Idiom Definition - have your eye on something

Two friends are talking ...

Friend 1:  I keep hoping those amazing shoes at the mall will go on sale.

Friend 2:  How long have you wanted them?

Friend 1:  I have had my eye on those shoes for two months.

Friend 2:  If you really want them, then why not just buy them?

Friend 1:  They are too expensive.

to have your eye on something - Usage:


Usage Frequency Index:   248   click for frequency by country

to have your eye on something - Gerund Form:

Having her eye on that new pair of shoes, she will know the minute they go on sale.

to have your eye on something - Examples:

1)  I'm in love with that blush palette!! I've had my eye on it since I first saw it on BHCosmetics' website

2)  he couldn't resist the opportunity to buy it. "I've had my eye on it for many years," says the 54-year-old Milwaukee cardiologist.

3)  I've had my eye on the new Cintiq since it was launched earlier this year.

4)  I was so focused for that year period. I just had my eye on one goal

5)  so unfortunately I missed out on a few of the printed skirts I had my eye on.

6)  Their clothes are reasonably priced, bang on trend and gorgeous. I have my eye on so many pieces!

7)  I have my eye on the basic pine bunk-bed from Ikea, it's both affordable and has nice ...

8)  I will certainly be cooking more recipes from this book. I already have my eye on a few.

9)  I have my eye on the new Stokke carrier but really need to try it out to be sure.

10)  And I still have my eye on your shop with the intention of indulging myself in a new blanket.

11)  I like to take charge around the business, and have my eye on every aspect.

12)  I already have my eye on a pair of leopard print kitten heel ankle boots and black patent loafers.

13)  He has his eye on a local nursing home when the time comes, but hopes to drop dead ...

14)  Every successful participant constantly has his eye on the goal.

15)  Klemperer, meanwhile, has his eye on wider horizons.

16)  He apparently has his eye on some cattle, and wants me to stand down.

17)  he has his eye on a new camera which costs precisely $45,000.

18)  His name was up for a downtown club and he had his eye on a very modern bachelor apartment full of wrought-iron swinging gates.

19)  Though the couple had built a life in Woodstock, Alfons had his eye on Manitouin Island.

20)  He had his eye on American universities such as Loyola, University of Maryland, Columbia and Fordham.