to have your hands full

Idiom Definition

Idiom Definition - have your hands full

"to have your hands full"

to be very busy;

to be totally occupied with someone or something


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Idiom Scenario 1

Idiom Definition - have your hands full

Two neighbors are talking ...

Neighbor 1:  I see that your lawn has been getting a little overgrown lately.

Neighbor 2:  My wife and I are in the process of launching our own business so we have been extremely busy.  Working night and day actually.

Neighbor 1:  Wow!  You've really got your hands full, then.  I'll mow your lawn for you.

Neighbor 2:  Thank you very much.

Idiom Scenario 2

Idiom Definition - have your hands full

A chef and helper are talking ...

Chef:  Why aren't these dishes washed?

Helper:  It's been so busy in the restaurant tonight. My hands have been full just prepping the meals.

Chef:  Maybe we should hire another helper.

Helper:  Good idea.

to have your hands full - Usage:


Usage Frequency Index:   859   click for frequency by country

to have your hands full - Gerund Form:

Having your hands full with a newborn baby means you don't really have time for other activities.

to have your hands full - Examples:

1)  He never let me, and besides we had our hands full directing disappointed guests away from the Mansion.

2)  ... while preparing for her upcoming tour, also admits: "I've got my hands full. Besides, being a single mom is never exactly easy."

3)  But this is very complicated, since the FCC has had its hands full with telephones as much as television for most of its history, and has ...

4)  ... modelers had treated climate as a given, a static condition. They had their hands full just trying to understand one year's average weather.

5)  Meanwhile, Rita has her hands full preparing dinner for a packed house, including a few unexpected guests.

6)  ... between the wife outfitting the new house, and boating you will have your hands full.

7)  Right now, for example, we have had our hands full with disaster after disaster in Asia.

8)  Berry could have his hands full defending his economic record next year if tough opponents emerge, but we do ...

9)  But after she lost most of her campaign goals here, she has her hands full just hanging on to power here.

10)  The drop in illegal immigration is welcome news, but our Federal Government has its hands full with 11 million illegal aliens that already in the United States causing massive problems ...

11)  Bobby had his hands full rescuing oiled waterfowl in the Rockaways and recommended Sean Casey, a local wildlife ...

12)  The Patriots will have their hands full with trying to figure out what veterans are worth keeping around and which ones ...

13)  The Europeans now have their hands full trying to stave off their eventual total economic collapse.

14)  In the sadly disrepaired Blachernae Palace, Emperor Manuel II had his hands full keeping the city united.

15)  I already have my hands full trying to survive today, trying to support my friends and family, trying ...

16)  Wild Bill Hickok has his hands full with the even wilder Calamity Jane in this hilarious western romp.

17)  I had my hands full with working and didn't take any photos of the drywalling.

18)  Needless to say, enforcement officers and the courts will have their hands full. There are two kinds of fraudulent schemes that occur.

19)  You can understand that elections officials have their hands full getting ready for the election.

20)  Not only does she have her hands full with little Jr., but she's also busy finishing her GED, preparing ...