head and shoulders above

Idiom Definition

Idiom Definition - head and shoulders above

"head and shoulders above"

at a much higher level;

clearly superior to


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Idiom Scenario 1

Idiom Definition - head and shoulders above

Two colleagues are talking ...

Colleague 1: Today is the deadline for choosing the best bid from all the vendor bids we have received.

Colleague 2: That should be an easy choice. Vendor C's bid is clearly head and shoulders above all the other bids.

Colleague 1: Why do you say that?

Colleague 2: Vendor C's product quality is far superior. Their terms give us twice as long to pay and their delivery times are half those of all the other vendors.

Colleague 1: I suppose it is obvious that Vendor C's bid is clearly the far superior bid.

Idiom Scenario 2

Idiom Definition - head and shoulders above

Two friends are talking ...

Friend 1: Well? Which team is going to win the league championship this year?

Friend 2: Without a doubt, the Tigers have been playing at a far higher level than any other team in their conference.

Friend 1: So you believe that the Tigers are head and shoulders above their competition?

Friend 2: Yes. They are the clear favorites to take the trophy.

Friend 1: Are you willing to place a wager on that opinion?

Friend 2: Absolutely.

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head and shoulders above - Usage:


Usage Frequency Index:   691   click for frequency by country

head and shoulders above - Gerund Form:

Being head and shoulders above all the other candidates, she got the job.

head and shoulders above - Examples:

1)  ... coordinated its e-commerce strategy with its entire business so that it is now head and shoulders above its competitors in owning the customer's total experience.

2)  ... Express will forever remain the best game I ever played -- it's head and shoulders above everything else, and reaches way deeper.

3)  ... or just a heartfelt love song, Jimmy Buffet stands head and shoulders above just about any other artist I have ever heard.

4)  ... character depth and complexity, and makes him more real. He is head and shoulders above his peers in intelligence and ability.

5)  It not only defines humans as a species, placing us head and shoulders above even the most proficient animal communicators, but it also ...

6)  There you are, head and shoulders above the rest, loving life, feeling special for once in your life.

7)  ... for a while, really marveling at this piece of architecture that stood head and shoulders above every other building on the square.

8)  ... will be a big selling point. This is where you set yourself head and shoulders above your competition. This section should be thought of as an advertisement; you ...

9)  The reality was that Louis was also a dominant heavyweight who stood head and shoulders above his opposition. His true greatness was not fully comprehended until much later.

10)  The lively text and illustrations raise this book head and shoulders above the standard divorce books.

11)  The keyboard dock on the Infinity lifts it head and shoulders above any other tablet. 

12)  Afghanistan and Ireland are serious about their cricket and are head and shoulders above the rest of the second tier countries - Canada included.

13)  The life skills picked up while studying abroad will set you head and shoulders above your competition. Being adaptable to new surroundings and cultures are lessons you will ...

14)  ... and feel good about what they have accomplished. If a child is head and shoulders above the rest of the competition, he will not feel satisfied. 

15)  They always beat the rates given to you by banks and are head and shoulders above the fleecing you'll get if you try to exchange money at the airport.

16)  Mercury is in a toxicity class that is head and shoulders above all other heavy metals -- except radioactive plutonium. 

17)  The place is in a league of its own, head and shoulders above any other rental cottage we've ever stayed at. It is well equipped ...

18)  ... you can write a CV badly or you can stand head and shoulders above all the other candidates by preparing a brilliant CV.

19)  That alone puts him head and shoulders above anything we've seen tonight. The judges give Matt a standing ovation.

20)  ... three titles in four years ensures this crop of obscenely-talented players now stand head and shoulders above even those success-laden sides.