to head down to

Idiom Definition

"to head down to"

to depart and move or travel in an downhill direction;

to depart and move or travel south (down on a map);

to depart and move or travel in the direction where the address numbers are decreasing

Idiom Definition - to head down to


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Idiom Scenario 1

Idiom Definition - to head down to

A tourist is standing on a street corner consulting a map ...

Passerby: Can I help you?

Tourist: Yes please. I'm trying to get to Lincoln Center.

Passerby: Go to the next intersection and turn right. Head down to Second Avenue. Take a left on Second. Follow that for three blocks and you will see the Center on your right.

Tourist: Thank you so much.

Passerby: My pleasure.

Idiom Scenario 2

Idiom Definition - to head down to

Two students, who live in Oregon, are talking ...

Student 1: What are you going to do for the winter vacation?

Student 2: I have some family in California who I haven't seen for a while. They have a really nice cabin in the woods.

Student 1: Sounds nice.

Student 2: Yes. I think I just might head down south for the winter.

to head down to - Usage:


Usage Frequency Index:   1,889   click for frequency by country

to head down to - Gerund Form:

Heading down to the store is a good way to get groceries.

to head down to - Examples:

1)  After lunch and the gift shop we finally head down to the floor to pick up our cars.

2)  Then head down to the campaign offices of all the candidates and do the same.

3)  Call up a few friends and head down to the pub for a few hours.

4)  If you're still on the fence: grab your favorite earphones, head down to a Best Buy and ask to plug them into a Zune.

5)  George would get up in the morning a couple of times a week and head down to the United Way.

6)  And if you just need to get away from campus for a bit, head down to Route 1 to grab a bite.

7)  I left the market and tried to head down to the famous streets of Ibor City.

8)  Why not head down to Skyline Drive?

9) My best way of getting the apple-picking, cider-smelling experience is to head down to the farmers market. 

10)  If you haven't, now is the perfect time to head down to Harvey Hall Convention Center in Tyler.

11)  If you can not borrow the boats you need, just head down to the river or lake with your fishing equipment and enjoy the shore.

12)  Grab some friends and head down to your local soup kitchen or homeless shelter and serve your neighborhood.

13)  We head down to the drugstore and grab the latest, greatest anti-fungal medication we saw advertised.

14)  So basically I had to head down to Nashville in the midst of personal chaos and get to work.

15)  If you like to dine al fresco, head down to Stephen Avenue where there are so many to choose from.

16)  After an evening of exploring and learning, head down to the Pavilion BBQ and treat yourself to a Zombie Burger.

17)  I still highly suggest you head down to the gallery to take a peek at the rest of the pieces.

18)  At some stage of the campaign, a group of us are going to head down to Palo Alto (California), and do a sit-in in the Facebook.

19)  If you arrive early enough, you'll have time to head down to the harbour's edge to' The Rocks' historic area.

20)  Soon, I will get Kait dressed and myself ready and we'll head down to the Cenotaph for the service.