to head in

Idiom Definition

Idiom Definition - head in

"to head in"

to enter into a specific location;

to finish what you are doing and go to a specific location


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Idiom Scenario 1

Idiom Definition - head in

A businessman is talking to a hotel clerk ...

Businessman:  I am supposed to be attending a conference on sustainable development.

Clerk:  Yes sir. That's on the third floor. Head into the elevator just over there. It will take you up to the third floor.

Businessman:  Thank you.

Idiom Scenario 2

Idiom Definition - head in

Two friends are talking ...

Friend 1:  I'm getting hungry and cold. I think I've had enough time on the water.

Friend 2:  OK. Let's head in for the day.  We can always come out again tomorrow.

Friend 1:  Sounds good. 

to head in - Usage:


Usage Frequency Index:   20,408   click for frequency by country

to head in - Gerund Form:

Heading in to a meeting on time is a good idea.

to head in - Examples:

1)  ... we then have a gossip with the Greek coffee man before we head in to buy some veggies from the Vietnamese shop.

2)  I'll still head in to the game with high expectations, buoyant and optimistic, but it's ...

3)  Make sure to get hold of the $50 voucher and head in to see for yourself.

4)  Though the rule used to be that you needed to head in to an auto service Fredericksburg garage every 3,000 miles for an oil change, ...

5)  On Saturday morning I head in to Southgate for our traditional Grand Final brunch.

6)  I decided that once Deb arrived we would head in to the birth centre.

7)  ... and of course, how wonderful to imagine spring as we head in to winter!

8)  ... the greenhouse (it's my first year growing them!), before I head in to make some lunch for us.

9)  ... and head in to the centre of Brighton to catch the band Supertramp.

10)  I put mine on in the car before I head in to work, ...

11)  This book is great for those just about to head in to the city to work, ...

12)  ... round and stay close to the slopes and enjoy the apres-ski scene there, then head in to the city whenever you like.

13)  Bryn decided to head in to what I thought looked like an office that had nothing to do with ...

14)  ... place my coffee down, kiss a poorly Addison and head in to the bedroom to change out of my smart clothes.

15)  After all cars and hosts make it to a lower altitude, they head in to town and hit a car wash where they find out whether body damage washes ...

16)  ... the front-man said the band were ready to head in to the studio. 

17)  ... before the lone white house, take the lane to the left and head in to the trees.

18)  ... and if you have problem skin that nothing is helping, head in to your doctor.

19)  ... early start as fly out at 8am. Arrive and collect the rental car then head in to town. 

20)  ... right now I have to head in to work after a VERY late night at the hospital ...