to head up

Idiom Definition 1

"to head up"

to lead

Idiom Definition - to head up


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Idiom Definition 2

"to head up"

to depart and move or travel in an uphill direction;

to depart and move or travel north (up on a map);

to depart and move or travel in the direction where the address numbers are increasing

Idiom Definition - to head up


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Idiom Scenario 1

Idiom Definition - to head up

Two businesswomen are talking ...

Businesswoman 1: Have you heard about that big new project the company is starting?

Businesswoman 2: No. I haven't heard.

Businesswoman 1: We landed a huge contract to produce a new product. It's worth millions of dollars.

Businesswoman 2: I wonder who's going to lead the project.

Businesswoman 1: I heard that Norma is going to head up the team.

Idiom Scenario 2

Idiom Definition - to head up

Two students, who live in California, are talking ...

Student 1: What are you going to do for the summer vacation?

Student 2: I have some family in Oregon who I haven't seen for a while. They have a really nice cabin in the woods.

Student 1: Sounds nice.

Student 2: Yes. I think I just might head up north for the summer.

to head up - Usage:


Usage Frequency Index:   10,669   click for frequency by country

to head up - Gerund Form:

Heading up a meeting can be a lot of responsibility.

Heading up the street means following the house numbers as they increase.

to head up - Examples:

1)  That being said, we had reservations for 5:30. I suggested we head up early, hang out, have a drink and blah blah blah.

2)  Once there, head up the steps onto land and go around the corner until you reach another ladder.

3)  I head up the EMC IT Finance group at what is an extremely critical junction.

4)  Most days, he'd veer off the sidewalk and head up the edge of the old railroad right of way.

5)  Continue over the balcony and head up to the next floor.

6)  I recommend you head up to Amsterdam.

7) He left Auburn University to head up Auburn's radio and television sports network. 

8)  One year he volunteered to head up the United Way campaign in his company.

9)  We did head up toward the ocean - the waves were extremely, extremely high.

10)  Head up an hour north of Portland to Sebago Lake State Park.

11)  The three head up a 160-person organization under their managing director.

12) Ask him to head up Apple's new retail store efforts. 

13)  He is a rebel and a traitor and so would be the perfect nomination to head up our no longer military Defense Dept.

14)  If you need more golfing action, you can head up north for the Prince and Makai Golf Courses.

15)  I speak to Steve again and he sounds pretty upset so I head up to hospital early and sneak in before visiting time.

16)  In Season 4, we'll head up into the mountains of Kentucky to meet the hill people.

17)  The Farm Bureau is largely responsible for the image that farmers and ranchers head up the Dirty Water Lobby.

18) Each car turned to head up the driveway to the home in the 4000 block of Briar Knob Loop Saturday. 

19)  Our team is joined by social media guru Keith Mancuso who will head up the web development.

20)  Military men, and especially retired officers who head up the CIA, are supposed to be icy and methodical.