to hear out

Idiom Definition

Idiom Definition - hear out

"to hear out"

to listen to someone, until they have finished what they have to say, without interrupting


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Idiom Scenario 1

Idiom Definition - hear out

Two colleagues are talking ...

Colleague 1:  It will never work.

Colleague 2:  You haven't even heard all of my proposal.

Colleague 1:  Still. It sounds dubious.

Colleague 2:  Just hear me out and when you have heard the complete proposal, then I will listen to your critique.

Colleague 1:  I'm listening.

Idiom Scenario 2

Idiom Definition - hear out

Two students are talking ...

Student 1:  This debate club is really interesting and I am learning a lot.

Student 2:  I agree. And isn't it interesting how we are learning that we need to hear out the opposing view completely in order to be able to create really good rebuttals?

Student 1:  It definitely requires discipline to listen without interrupting and not jump in with an argument right away.

to hear out - Usage:


Usage Frequency Index:   294   click for frequency by country

to hear out - Gerund Form:

Hearing out opposing views is important in critical dialogue.

to hear out - Examples:

1)  Sometimes he gets out of the car to hear out groups of villagers, asking for a favour. 

2)  ... that the committee will also schedule hearings on the tax package as a whole to hear out comments or proposed amendments from other lawmakers.

3)  The secondary education officer and me visited the school on Saturday to hear out the parents. 

4)  ... said that it was always important to hear out the opposition.

5)  We are still reading the developments, and will hear out all sides before deciding what to do next.

6)  I understand how ridiculous this seems on the surface, but hear me out for one minute. 

7)  ... you all rush to the comment section to say this makes no sense, hear me out

8)  Before you say anything, please hear me out. My reasoning for this solution is as follows: ...

9)  We will be submitting a memorandum to them and hopefully they will hear us out.

10)  If you didn't just sprint screaming from the room, hear us out

11)  We have moved to court after the county government refused to hear us out and so we ask NLC to help us stop the construction.

12)  Okay we know you're skeptical, but hear us out.

13)  They are stakeholders and we need to hear them out and have their inputs.

14)  ... the curious person that you are and try to keep teeth-grinding to a minimum. Hear them out and patiently engage even if you want to smash your head against a ...

15)  It is important to hear them out. That's something every volunteer needs to do.

16)  The next afternoon, he gave me a call and pleaded with me to hear him out. He claimed his intentions were harmless and promised not to overstep my ...

17)  I thought my friend had a chance to redeem our generation and wanted to hear him out. I wanted to hear about his mission, vision, and game ...

18)  He certainly wishes those people who judge him so quickly would hear him out until the end of his songs, though.

19)  Some are going to hear you out. Some want to end the conversation as soon as they can.

20)  He could hear you out on a challenging idea. He would listen intently, asking really good ...