to hedge your bets

Idiom Definition

"to hedge your bets"

to do something in a situation, so that if the situation fails or has a bad outcome, you will not fail or suffer as much as if you had not hedged your bets

Idiom Definition - to hedge your bets


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Idiom Scenario 1

Idiom Definition - to hedge your bets

Two students are talking about an upcoming final exam ...

Student 1: Are you ready for the exam?

Student 2: I studied quite a lot but I'm not feeling very confident.

Student 1: You could hedge your bets and do the extra paper for bonus marks.

Student 2: It's a difficult situation because if I have to decide if spending my limited time studying even more for the exam will be more beneficial than spending that limited time writing the bonus paper.

Idiom Scenario 2

Idiom Definition - to hedge your bets

Two businessmen are talking ...

Man 1: Have you got that presentation ready for the boss?

Man 2: I do. In fact, I have two presentations prepared, just in case he doesn't like the first one.

Man 1: That's an excellent idea! Very smart of you to hedge your bets.

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"to hedge your bets"

Sunday Fun Idiom - hedge your bets

to hedge your bets - Usage:


Usage Frequency Index:   751   click for frequency by country

to hedge your bets - Gerund Form:

Hedging your bets could be considered wise in some situations.

to hedge your bets - Examples:

1)  They hedge their bets when the outcome in not sure.

2)  The union is hedging its bets by preparing a backup plan.

3)  She is hedging her bets by making a second proposal.

4)  Have you hedged your bets a couple of times when situations were troublesome?

5)  Have they been hedging their bets since the trouble began?

6)  Leading companies should hedge their bets by waiting a week. 

7)  Physical demand for gold is going through the roof as the rich hedge their bets by buying a lazy tonne of gold at a time. 

8)  This is why smart directors of research institutes or government funding bodies hedge their bets by supporting plausible research that runs counter to current fashion.

9)  It's MS hedging their bets in case Intel fail to make the necessary improvements to their processors. 

10)  I think they're hedging their bets before they come out with anything.

11)  Now, there's so much uncertainty and everybody is probably hedging their bets.

12)  It is often a good idea to hedge your bets a little. 

13) You can even emulate him further and hedge your bets by starting to support a couple of extra teams at the end of May. 

14)  Buy a few items to hedge your bets, then sell to antiques dealers and shops.

15)  I don't think that Andrew is hedging his bets. Hedging bets would mean that he is putting money both ways.

16)  Maybe he was hedging his bets on the very sensible basis that there will always be someone who wants to disagree.

17)  That's probably why Google is hedging its bets with the Motorola purchase, and why Microsoft is doing the same with Surface.

18)  Hedging your bets and expanding addressable market is the path to long-term success.

19)  There's going through the motions for appearances or hedging your bets and then there's actually being religious.

20)  There is no benefit to hedging your bets by placing orders with multiple outlets.