(to be) henpecked

Idiom Definition

Idiom Definition - (to be) henpecked

"(to be) henpecked"

criticized and given orders all the time by a wife or female partner


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Idiom Scenario 1

Idiom Definition - (to be) henpecked

Two friends are talking ...

Friend 1:  Why so sad, buddy?

Friend 2:  My wife is always telling me what to do and giving me orders.  She never seems to stop nagging me.  I'm way too afraid of losing her to say anything or fight back.

Friend 1:  Well, if you don't have the courage to stand up to your wife, then perhaps being a little henpecked is the price you have to pay.

Idiom Scenario 2

Idiom Definition - (to be) henpecked

A couple are interacting ...

Husband:  Yes, dear.

Wife:  And did you cut the grass like I told you?

Husband:  Yes, dear.

Wife:  And did you tidy up the garage and do the laundry?

Husband:  Yes, dear.

Wife:  And now we need to talk about your job. You need to march into the office on Monday morning and tell the boss you want a raise.

Husband:  Yes, dear.

Wife:  Have you had enough henpecking for now?

Husband:  Yes, dear.

(to be) henpecked - Usage:


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(to be) henpecked - Gerund Form:

Being henpecked means your wife always orders you around and you don't resist.

(to be) henpecked - Examples:

1)  An unlikely spin-off of Cheers, the decision to give the henpecked Frasier a younger brother was nothing less than inspired.

2)  ... attempting to win his freedom from the henpecked Senex and his overbearing wife, Domina.

3)  Clearly you're henpecked and yes you're a misogynist despite what SBG says.

4)  Why the audience finds the motley crew of variously henpecked, overbearing, drunken, promiscuous townspeople so funny might be a study for psychologists.

5)  Husbands beating or killing unfaithful wives, pampered wives riding on the shoulders of henpecked husbands ...

6)  ... the totally male cabinets created by Margaret Thatcher? We all know he's henpecked.

7)  Thornhill's pratfalls, mis-steps and, most of all, his henpecked relationship with his overbearing mother - that elevates North By Northwest right to the top ...

8)  Of a man, henpecked, dominated by a woman.

9)  Two millennia ago husbands were just as henpecked, and foolish, as they are today.

10)  A henpecked husband was advised by a psychiatrist to assert himself.

11)  ... your leadership qualities in family and decide that he doesn't want to be a henpecked husband.

12)  ... upholds the proper conduct for each person in his station so that the cuckold or henpecked husband is always subjected to ridicule because he forfeits sympathy by his lack of authority ...

13)  The envy of their henpecked married friends they embark on mischievous stunts as if in their second childhood.

14)  ... only 2 types of relationships possible between a husband and wife -- dominated wife or henpecked husband.

15)  ... allowing their wives to take the important decisions -- such men get labeled as "henpecked husbands".

16)  ... fear of your mother that you are afraid of women. Millions of husbands are henpecked for the simple reason that their mothers were too strong.

17)  Called your friend henpecked when you saw him cooking and cleaning up after dinner, while his wife sat ...

18)  In an age when cartoons were populated by henpecked husbands and conniving wives in hair curlers, he found his inspiration in the unlikely ...

19)  A henpecked Takapuna man was asked, no ordered by his wife to buy ORGANIC vegetables from ...

20)  More often than not, we hear of henpecked husbands and men who get nagged to death ...