high and low

Idiom Definition

Idiom Definition - high and low

"high and low"

everywhere, in every possible place


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Idiom Scenario 1

Idiom Definition - high and low

Two colleagues are talking ...

Colleague 1:  Have you found the right candidate to fill the position yet?

Colleague 2:  Not yet. The position requires a very specific skill set that is going to be very difficult to find in one person.

Colleague 1:  Have you thought about looking abroad?

Colleague 2:  I suppose that is my next move as I have looked high and low domestically with no success.

Idiom Scenario 2

Idiom Definition - high and low

A couple are talking ...

Husband:  I can't find my keys. Have you seen my keys?

Wife:  Have you looked on your dresser?

Husband:  I've searched high and low for them. I need to find them or I will be late for work.

Wife:  Have you checked the cushions of the couch?

Husband:  I haven't looked there yet.

Wife:  Then I guess you haven't looked everywhere have you?

high and low - Usage:


Usage Frequency Index:   2,122   click for frequency by country

high and low - Gerund Form:

There is no gerund form for high and low.

high and low - Examples:

1)  I discovered this recently when searching high and low for a mid-century bar cart, failing miserably until I discovered a retro supplier on ...

2)  Bees are very industrious insects and will search high and low for the right nest site to raise their young.

3)  Yet, there continue to be perpetual skeptics out there who prefer to search high and low for flaws in the project just so they can politicise it.

4)  But employers see things otherwise. They search high and low for skilled employees, and they routinely find themselves looking abroad.

5)  With interest rates under attack by central bankers, investors and savers have had to search high and low for anything that delivers fixed income without a whole lot of risk.

6)  ... got calls from relatives hunting high and low for relatives who had were discharged in June to unknown locations.

7)  In honour of that, I've spent some time hunting high and low to bring you some of the lesser known, but more useful ...

8)  ... would be able to pinpoint the exact source of a problem without wasting time hunting high and low for it.

9)  I found myself in Belfast, UK hunting high and low for Indian groceries.

10)  It is brilliantly shot, written acted and produced. I have been hunting high and low to find a new series.

11)  ... hunt around this fully restored working watermill. You'll need to look high and low not to miss anything.

12)  Go right down the end; look high and low. Find a wine maker or a merchant who can look you back in the eye ...

13)  Sometimes, journalists have to look high and low to get the story.

14)  It's for these exceptional people in our lives that we often look high and low for the perfect present.

15)  ... do not believe she was abducted. Residents were asked to look high and low for the girl with her whereabouts believed to be anywhere.

16)  Many know the painful task of searching high and low for their keys, only to discover they were under your nose.

17)  Till then the scientists are searching high and low for signs of life on Mars.

18)  I was searching high and low for cures, and I was scared to take anything from the ...

19)  Employers are seen searching high and low for talented individuals with countless interviews, thus investing precious time, ...

20)  An extensive manhunt was launched with over 1,000 police officers and 15,000 volunteers searching high and low for the author.