hit a snag

Idiom Definition

"hit a snag"

to encounter a problem or obstacle

Idiom Definition - hit a snag


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Idiom Scenario 1

Idiom Definition - hit a snag

Two colleagues are talking ...

Colleague 1: Well, are we going to be able to ship the first 100,000 units by the end of the month?

Colleague 2: I'm not sure.

Colleague 1: Why is that?

Colleague 2: We've hit a bit of a snag in production.

Colleague 1: What's going on?

Colleague 2: Part A and Part B are one millimeter out of alignment.

Colleague 1: That is a bit of a snag. I hope you can fix it.

Idiom Scenario 2

Idiom Definition - hit a snag

Two students are talking ...

Student 1: How's your research paper coming along?

Student 2: Pretty good but I keep hitting snags.

Student 1: How so?

Student 2: It seems that the subject I chose is a popular one. Whenever I get to an important part of the paper and need a certain book from the library, the book has been checked out by someone else.

Student 1: That must be frustrating.

hit a snag - Usage:


Usage Frequency Index:   188   click for frequency by country

hit a snag - Gerund Form:

Hitting a snag can cause some serious delays to your project.

hit a snag - Examples:

1)  In the current IMF forecasts, they are claiming we will hit a snag in raising money from international markets unless we preserve the credit rating.

2)  I only got a few screens in, when I hit a snag. A dialogue asked, Where do you want to install Windows?

3)  As we were outlining our pitch for The Rink, we hit a snag with the story engine and exactly what our show was about.

4)  When government engineers arrived in Ms Taylor's neighbourhood, their plan hit a snag: the Mexican border follows the meandering Rio Grande in this area.

5)  However, they have already hit a snag -- they can't agree on a name.

6)  The deal has hit a snag, with the two clubs apparently unable to agree a fee for the player.

7)  But their publishing ambitions hit a snag this week with news that Amazon in Italy had withdrawn the book from sale.

8)  I always go for the random research option, too, whenever I hit a snag or can not think of the next step.

9)  However, you might hit a snag when you reach the cooking stage when you realize you do not have the appropriate pan.

10)  But like many people before us, we hit a snag on the long and winding road to immigration.

11)  He gets through the initial questions fine until they hit a snag about his lack of postsecondary education.

12)  Even if you are married and your relationship has hit a snag, you may have concluded that it is time to make some relationship decisions.

13)  Unfortunately, negotiations hit a snag and no deal could get worked out before Sherak's exit.

14)  But if your efforts hit a snag, find a professional marriage counselor to help you.

15)  Roy's determined comeback from medical retirement hit a snag nine games into the season when he underwent right knee surgery.

16)  Okay, so I'm writing. And I hit a snag. So I sit there and stare at my computer screen.

17)  Last Friday, the consumer class action against Groupon hit a snag when the court rejected a proposed $8.5 million class action settlement.

18)  There's even a dedicated help page in case you hit a snag.

19)  His first effort to enter national politics in 1944 hit a snag when he failed in his bid to capture the South St. Elizabeth constituency seat.

20)  Unfortunately, the young Jamaican team hit a snag at the last hurdle and failed to qualify for the Under-17 World Cup finals.