to hit below the belt

Idiom Definition

Idiom Definition - hit below the belt

"to hit below the belt"

to unfairly insult someone by using cruel, inappropriate or unfair comments that are too personal


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Idiom Scenario 1

Idiom Definition - hit below the belt

Two colleagues are talking ...

Colleague 1:  Walter doesn't stand a chance of getting the promotion.

Colleague 2:  Why do you say that?

Colleague 1:  He doesn't even have a college degree. I don't care how much experience he has.

Colleague 2:  Isn't that hitting below the belt?

Colleague 1:  Not if it is the truth.

Idiom Scenario 2

Idiom Definition - hit below the belt

Two friends are talking ...

Friend 1:  I don't see how you can spend sixty dollars for a haircut. It just seems like an awful lot of money.

Friend 2:  At least some of us have hair that needs to be cut.

Friend 1:  Ouch! That's hitting below the belt.

to hit below the belt - Usage:


Usage Frequency Index:   389   click for frequency by country

to hit below the belt - Gerund Form:

Hitting below the belt shows a certain lack of character.

to hit below the belt - Examples:

1)  But this week, he hit below the belt, got personal and got nasty. 

2)  You two need to stop fighting with words you know will hit below the belt. We are human and flawed. 

3)  Will Donald Trump keep it clean, or hit below the belt in first major debate of his life?

4)  This apparently irresistible compulsion to hit below the belt is really quite pathological.

5)  ... before I broke down in a crying mess. It was a hit below the belt. I have a thick skin and take very few comments or insults personally,

6)  She's a loose cannon. She can hit below the belt and that's what kind of makes you scared of her.

7)  Though often unintentional, certain comments hit below the belt.

8)  ... (allow me here to make him taste his own medicine and hit below the belt) whose English fluency is questionable as he stutters when he is trying to construct ...

9)  ... nothing the matter with a little professional rivalry, but don't hit below the belt.

10)  Should President Buhari continue in his present course of fighting brutally by hitting below the belt?

11)  In my case, it was worse than hitting below the belt because the personal attack was so severe.

12)  To level horrible allegations, it is called hitting below the belt in English. But, the personal attack was so severe that it was far ...

13)  ... tantamounted to hitting below the belt. He was not only insulted and humiliated while still being a senator for six ...

14)  ... delivered scathing address, often hitting below the belt by referring to Zuma's messy personal life.

15)  But hitting below the belt has been a part of US presidential races since the days of suspenders. 

16)  It is a dirty trick. It is hitting below the belt, and there is no chance to have a fair fight or debate with someone ...

17)  ... steps you have taken except verbosity and using language which amounts to hitting below the belt.

18)  ... are hitting below the belt and are conspiring to defame our leaders and our party.

19)  The campaign format will be above board, no mudslinging, no hitting below the belt and anchored on Islamic beliefs that uttering bad words against another is forbidden.

20)  They're really hitting below the belt. That's not a good way to have any kind of labour negotiation.