to hit the big time

Idiom Definition

Idiom Definition - hit the big time

"to hit the big time"

to become very famous or successful


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Idiom Scenario 1

Idiom Definition - hit the big time

Two business partners are talking ...

Partner 1:   We are selling over one million units a month now. Do you remember when we started our business in my parents' garage?

Partner 2:  Who would have ever thought back then that we would hit the big time?

Partner 1:  Hard work and determination has brought us this level of success.

Idiom Scenario 2

Idiom Definition - hit the big time

Two friends are talking ...

Friend 1:  Do you remember our old friend Sarah?

Friend 2:  Sure. She was that little neighbor kid that always liked to dress up and put on skits.

Friend 1:  Well, she has hit the big time now. She has starred in three major motion pictures and has been nominated for an Oscar® award.

Friend 2:  Good for Sarah. She always wanted to be famous.

to hit the big time - Usage:


Usage Frequency Index:   274   click for frequency by country

to hit the big time - Gerund Form:

Hitting the big time is every actor's dream.

to hit the big time - Examples:

1)  The group was one of the most famous girl bands in history when they hit the big time in the 90s, ...

2)  ... admits the band lost its friendship and brotherhood once they hit the big time.

3)  Electric cars are set to hit the big time as battery technology advances.

4)  As well as adjusting to all the female attention he receives now he's hit the big time, ...

5)  But it was in 2011 that Motsoeneng really hit the big time -- bagging two promotions in one year.

6)  ... had his fair share of humbling work experience before he hit the big time.

7)  ... also hit the big time for his acting talent, winning an Oscar for Best Supporting Actor.

8)  But if you consider yourself a serious artist and have plans to hit the big time, then you need a good manager.

9)  ... knows they've hit the big time and they're on the national stage.

10)  You've got to be very lucky to hit the big time because there's so much competition. 

11)  ... nothing will ever recreate the wonder of the year they hit the big time.

12)  The springy alkaline noodles in tasty broth have hit the big time in part because they combine delicious flavours and inventive ingredients in a ...

13)  ... hit the big time when he signed a contract with LottoNL-Jumbo for two years, ...

14)  The 35-year-old star hit the big time when she appeared as Bond girl Camille in 2008 film Quantum of ...

15)  Everybody wants to hit the big time, but it takes a lot of work.

16)  B.C. mom who started a business making teething necklaces in mid-March is now poised to hit the big time.

17)  No one gets famous straight away - everyone has a long past of failed attempts to hit the big time

18)  Cara is about to hit the big time on the big screen with seven movies due to be released over

19)  ... exhibition that shows the best work by recent graduates. "I thought I'd hit the big time," he said. His piece was installed next to a ...

20)  ... of Grammy awards and the non-stop touring that comes with being a band that's hit the big time. There success also led to ...