to hit the bottle

Idiom Definition

"to hit the bottle"

to start drinking alcohol heavily and for an extended period of time, usually but not always, as a compensation for misfortune in life

Idiom Definition - to hit the bottle


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Idiom Scenario 1

Idiom Definition - to hit the bottle

James is a middle aged man.  He lost his job one year ago.  He could not make his mortgage payments and lost his house six months ago.  James's wife left with the kids last month.  James is living in his parents' basement.  James is feeling so depressed that...

"James hit the bottle last night and has been drinking a lot every since."

In this case, James continued to drink alcohol for three days in the hopes that he would find some relief for his pain.

Idiom Scenario 2

Idiom Definition - to hit the bottle

David is on the wagon.  He has not had a drink of alcohol in over two years.  David just learned that his daughter, Penny, had been in a very bad car accident.  David does not know if Penny will live or die.  The shock of the news caused David to find the nearest drinking establishment and..

"He hit the bottle hard!"

Poor David fell off the wagon.  He is drinking alcohol again.  This time he is drinking hard which means that he is drinking a great amount of alcohol.


to hit the bottle - Usage:


Usage Frequency Index:   105   click for frequency by country

to hit the bottle - Gerund Form:

Hitting the bottle is no way to solve life's problems.

to hit the bottle - Examples:

1)  I usually hit the bottle after a traumatic experience.

2)  You hit the bottle every day after work.

3)  He hits the bottle when he feels very sad.

4)  She hits the bottle every couple of years.

5)  We often hit the bottle as a way of dealing with our problems.

6)  You (all) hit the bottle far too often.

7)  They hit the bottle every payday.

8)  Now I'm getting sad and I'll have to hit the bottle.

9)  I know I hit the bottle a little too hard at the convention last night.

10) She hit the bottle herself on the day her mother died. 

11)  He told cops he had suffered a breakdown and hit the bottle

12)  Don't hit the bottle too much when you debrief at night.

13)  It was a disaster. I was over-promoted, I hit the bottle pretty hard, went completely manic and cracked up.

14)  I hit the bottle so hard that I am pretty much oblivious to anything that happened to me.

15) Failing a class, and such -- sometimes leads students to hit the bottle

16)  If you go through a similar experience, try not to hit the bottle -- it's not worth it! 

17) She claims that was also a trigger for her hitting the bottle

18)  There's no excuse for Martha hitting the bottle, but I think you can't help but feel sorry for her.

19)  He watched his father die from hitting the bottle just once too often.

20)  By the time I was 19, I was probably hitting the bottle four or five times a week.