to hit the hay

Idiom Definition

"to hit the hay"

to go to bed

Idiom Definition - to hit the hay


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Idiom Scenario 1

Idiom Definition - to hit the hay

It has been a big long day for young Aaron.  He played in the park all morning.  He played outside all afternoon with his friends.  Now it is eight o'clock at night and Aaron is sitting at the kitchen table.  His eyes are almost closed and his head is slowly descending toward the table.  Little Aaron is almost asleep.  Aaron's mom tells Aaron that ...

"It is time to hit the hay, young man.  You are falling asleep at the kitchen table."

Idiom Scenario 2

Idiom Definition - to hit the hay

It is midnight. Bruce and Victor have just finished watching a movie on television ...

Victor:  Look, the next movie is Dawn of the Dead.  Do you want to watch it?

Bruce:   I don't know.  I'm pretty tired.  I think I'll just go to bed.

Victor:  OK.  Go ahead!  Hit the hay!  I'll just watch the movie by myself.

to hit the hay - Usage:


Usage Frequency Index:   91   click for frequency by country

to hit the hay - Gerund Form:

Hitting the hay can feel very good after a long hard day.

to hit the hay - Examples:

1)  I hit the hay when it is time to go to bed.

2)  You hit the hay if you are tired.

3)  She hits the hay every night at 10pm.

4)  He hits the hay every night at 10pm.

5)  We always hit the hay early on nights before games.

6)  You (all) hit the hay when the lights go out.

7)  They hit the hay if their mothers tell them to go to bed.

8)  If today is a typical day, by the time you've hit the hay tonight nearly 178 Aussies will have attempted to end their lives.

9)  It's getting rather late, so I think I'll hit the hay.

10) One thing you can do for yourself when flu season comes around is hit the hay early. 

11)  I showered and hit the hay.

12)  Of course, if you are about to hit the hay, I would just use two sachets of chocolate and omit the caffeine.

13)  Telling yourself that you're going to hit the hay after another thousand words, might see you rambling on or wasting words.

14) We finished with a campfire back at Red Squirrel and hit the hay at around 1a.m.

15)  By two in the morning we all felt it time to hit the hay.

16)  Need to make some lunches before I hit the hay.

17)  Do you get enough sleep every night or is it time you hit the hay earlier?

18)  One partner may be a toss-and-turner, or one may hit the hay early while the other keeps a reading light burning till the wee hours.

19)  You may want to start hitting the hay at a more reasonable time if you struggle to emerge before mid-afternoon.

20)  There was time enough for a bite to eat before hitting the hay ahead of an early start on Thursday.