to hit the spot

Idiom Definition

Idiom Definition - hit the spot

"to hit the spot"

to satisfy in just the right way;

to be exactly what is wanted or needed


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Idiom Scenario 1

Idiom Definition - hit the spot

Two colleagues are talking ...

Colleague 1: I am having trouble with the first slide of my presentation. I really need to convey the overall theme with a good evocative image.

Colleague 2: Interesting that I have been looking around for just such an image. Here, have a look at this one.

Colleague 1: Perfect. That hits the spot. It sends just the message I was trying to send. Thanks.

Idiom Scenario 2

Idiom Definition - hit the spot

A couple are talking ...

Wife: You have been working in the backyard for hours now and it must be over thirty degrees out here. Come and take a break. I've got some ice-cold lemonade for you.

Husband: Ah. That hit the spot. Just the right sweetness and so refreshingly cold.

Wife: OK. Back to work. I want the yard looking perfect before my mother arrives.

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to hit the spot - Usage:


Usage Frequency Index:   635   click for frequency by country

to hit the spot - Gerund Form:

Hitting the spot, the cold drink was extremely refreshing on a hot day.

to hit the spot - Examples:

1)  As for the pizza, two slices hit the spot for me. My tall male companion thought he'd need three.

2)  It wasn't very sweet but it hit the spot if you were thirsty and looking for something hot.

3)  I wasn't feeling overly hungry but this hit the spot superbly with some extra to pack up for later. 

4)  The mint lemonade hit the spot after walking the midway for a few hours on a hot day. 

5)  I have been thinking all week that soup would hit the spot, given our recent rainy and cool weather.

6)  Two things really hit the spot for me. The first is his perspective on leadership and the second is his attitude about life.

7)  This post just hit the spot! I've been feeling just as you described!

8)  I personally enjoy Spanish cuisine and Bravas hit the spot. The pan tomate was my personal favorite! Enjoy!

9)  Delightful greasy and full of salt, but they really hit the spot when I'm tired and don't want to actually cook.

10)  Some of them were so unbelievably good -- that one thing that really hit the spot.

11)  ... truly bringing a positive addition to someone else's life. You hit the spot on this one Marie. 

12)  Waiting hours to get 30 seconds on a radio show didn't quite hit the spot.

13)  ... the first chilly day of autumn, we felt that soup would just hit the spot.

14)  Reading about your passion to chase your dream really hit the spot. It challenges me to discover my passion and figure out what it is I ...

15)  Excellent article, it really hit the spot on pretty much on every aspect.

16)  I got hungry between meals, the cold biscuits sopped in cane syrup hit the spot.

17)  Morning blue light mixed with early sun light hit the spot for this image in Grand Teton at String Lake.

18)  ... live up to customer expectations. A recent survey shows only two brands hit the spot. The Premier Inn and Marriott hotel chains are the only two whose brand ...

19)  ... moderation is key, but some of these suggestions are filling enough to hit the spot and help you stick to your healthy eating plans at the same time.

20)  ... but the awe-inspiring sunsets and lovely culture of Indonesia will really hit the spot in the middle of deep dark winter.