hold on to your hat

Idiom Definition

Idiom Definition - hold on to your hat

"hold on to your hat"

be prepared for a shock or surprise


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Idiom Scenario 1

Idiom Definition - hold on to your hat

Two friends are talking ...

Friend 1Hold on to your hat! I have some big news.

Friend 2:  You got yourself a boyfriend?

Friend 1:  No. It's bigger than that. I won twenty million dollars in the lottery.

Friend 2:  Wow! That's amazing.

Idiom Scenario 2

Idiom Definition - hold on to your hat

Two colleagues are talking in the reception area of their offices ...

Colleague 1:  I should warn you to hold on to your hat before you go into the office.

Colleague 2:  Why? Have I been fired?

Colleague 1:  I don't know about that but all of the office furnishings are gone. The offices are totally empty.

Colleague 2:  Huh?

hold on to your hat - Usage:


Usage Frequency Index:   15   click for frequency by country

hold on to your hat - Gerund Form:

There is no gerund form for hold on to your hat.

hold on to your hat - Examples:

1)  Hold on to your hat as a pill that turns back the clock could be available in just two years.

2)  If this seems complicated, hold on to your hat: it's about to get even more so.

3)  Hold on to your hat because Big Brother is tearing through the steps today inside the BB16 house and we ...

4)  Hold on to your hat, because we got a long way to go baby! Don't expect it to be over until after the election, depending on who wins.

5)  Well, hold on to your hat. Now you can do a Facebook Live video with two people in separate locations. How cool is that?

6)  There's basically no reason to watch Smackdown until it goes live after the brand split, and this is the last one, so hold on to your hat.

7)  Five days later, the store owner called to say she'd sold out: “Hold on to your hat,” she said. “You're in for a wild ride.”

8)  Hold on to your hat, because markets can experience post-report volatility as economists and traders digest big revisions.

9)  But hold on to your hat when it comes to the potentially dire political backlash. After all, the number of people paying stamp duty each year is ...

10)  "Hold on to your hat," I said to Bruce as we flared. Bang.

11)  But if you think the forecasting errors in relation to superannuation taxes are something to behold, hold on to your hat when it comes to ...

12)  Hold on to your hat. Here comes a “wow” moment.

13)  If you think this is complex, hold on to your hat. The picture is made even more murky by a separate set of data based on how many crimes are ...

14)  ... adult person is £1035 ($1500), while the most expensive non-club level season ticket is - hold on to your hat - £2039 ($2956). For one ticket.

15)  ... beautifully - but you do have to hold on to your hat when it happens. The Type-R transformation takes the already racy-looking hatchback and adds a bodykit, ...

16)  If this seems complicated, hold on to your hat: It's about to get even more so. Because the sun and the solar system are moving relative to the ..

17)  Hold on to your hat, because there is now a jumbo jet designed to look like lovable droid R2-D2. 

18)  Long-term, all three of these picks are stocks to buy on very big dips. Hold on to your hat though, because the ride is going to be very bumpy.

19)  Did I say “lucky”? Maybe “independently wealthy” would have been more accurate. Hold on to your hat, because it costs a whopping $3,400.

20)  Hold on to your mad hat for what could be the biggest Mondo show ever.