to hold up your end

Idiom Definition

Idiom Definition - hold up your end

"to hold up your end"

to do your share of the work


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Idiom Scenario 1

Idiom Definition - hold up your end

Two students are talking ...

Student 1:  I think we are going to have to ask Alice to leave our study group.

Student 2:  Why is that?

Student 1:  She is just not contributing her share of the work and that means the rest of us have to work harder.  It's not productive.

Student 2:  I suppose you're right.  If Alice is not holding up her end of study group, then she has to go.

Idiom Scenario 2

Idiom Definition - hold up your end

Two colleagues are talking ...

Colleague 1:  I am getting sick and tired of Jim never doing his part of the work around here.

Colleague 2:  It is getting quite frustrating to have to carry him along.

Colleague 1:  What can we do if Jim is not holding up his end of the work?

Colleague 2:  We could complain to the boss.

to hold up your end - Usage:


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to hold up your end - Gerund Form:

Holding up your end of a bargain will contribute to building a good reputation.

to hold up your end - Examples:

1)  ... universities are failing to hold up their end of the bargain at the moment. Schools are doing a mediocre ...

2)  ... and your colleagues or your firm do not hold up their end of the bargain, or fail to respect your new work priorities ...

3)  ... (and no ability to sympathize with) people or places that can not hold up their end.

4)  But as some news organizations act more like 19th century robber barons, failing to hold up their end of the contract, that leaves governments and regulators with little choice ...

5)  ... live up to it and pay wages; why should the players not have to hold up their end of the agreement?

6)  ... they think you have something of value for them. So make sure that you hold up your end of things by offering killer content that will satisfy in every way ...

7)  ... you don't stand a snowball's chance in hell if you can't hold up your end of a conversation.

8)  You also have to hold up your end by not behaving that way ...

9)  I agree to pay Vodafone for services Vodafone provides. Unfortunately Vodafone is not holding up their end and I find the performance unacceptable.

10)  The money is usually a small business contract and both parties are responsible for holding up their end belonging to the transaction.

11)  I'm realizing that I need to hold up my end of the partnership I have in the business that pays our bills ...

12)  ... had a serious spiritual discussion with my teacher, because I was not able to hold up my end of the conversation.

13)  ... partner who looks after me and feel I have to keep everything else running to hold up my end because I don't contribute that much money.

14)  Complications ensue when the other man pressures Haines to hold up his end of the deal.

15)  ... and over time their bond strengthened until the boy found he could hold up his end of a conversation.

16)  ... warranties are there to protect consumers from low-quality goods, you are still responsible for holding up your end of the bargain. Warranties don't cover damages or deterioration caused ...

17)  A man who is not holding up his end out of sheer laziness is a different ball game and a woman ...

18)  As long as he's still doing that he's holding up his end.

19)  ... but I suppose there's just something about a person not holding up his end of the bargain that ruffles my feathers.

20)  ... the social bargain we'll strike. And we will try our damnedest to hold up our end of it.