to hold your own

Idiom Definition

Idiom Definition - hold your own

"to hold your own"

to be able to withstand opposition or attack;

to do just as well as other people


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Idiom Scenario 1

Idiom Definition - hold your own

Two colleagues are talking ...

Colleague 1: We've got that big negotiation coming up this afternoon and no one except Julie is available.

Colleague 2: That's fine. Julie will be able to hold her own in this particular negotiation.

Colleague 1: Do you think she is ready?

Colleague 2: Julie is well-versed with the situation and she is a tough negotiator. She may even surprise us and actually advance our side.

Idiom Scenario 2

Idiom Definition - hold your own

Two friends are talking ...

Friend 1: Are you happy with your new mobile phone?

Friend 2: Definitely. It holds its own against other cell phones twice the price.

Friend 1: So, it has the features you like?

Friend 2: It has all the features of the more expensive phones and in some cases runs faster than the competitors.

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to hold your own - Usage:


Usage Frequency Index:   2,956   click for frequency by country

to hold your own - Gerund Form:

Holding his own, he was able to withstand the attack from the opposition even though they had far more resources than he did.

to hold your own - Examples:

1)  ... they could hold their own from fixed positions but lacked the numbers to drive the invaders back.

2)  These guys could still hold their own in contemporary music, and their enduring fan-base is testament to their appeal.

3)  Often their leaders are men of signal ability, men who can hold their own in discussion or in action with the ablest and best-educated men in the ...

4)  They can hold their own, but when they feel threatened, marmots will typically whistle loudly to ...

5)  ... but more importantly they can hold their own and possibly even succeed both on offense and defense in the final third ...

6)  ... periods of time without wavering, so I'm sure he had the strength to hold his own.

7)  He must do more than hold his own. He will need to shake and shift public attitudes.

8)  The surprise would be if he can have a good showing, hold his own against a very talented speaker and convince the American people that he is ...

9)  Winning makes him more and more secure about his ability to hold his own in the game.

10)  My master, a stout man and a terrible bruiser, could generally hold his own in an ordinary general fight.

11)  ... total population is expected to decline, but the region is forecast to hold its own in terms of job growth.

12)  ... they'll quickly falter when it comes to overall charm if the menu can't hold its own.

13)  To begin with, the thought that a design dating back fifty years could hold its own in modern air combat originates in the beloved Canadian myth of the advanced ...

14)  Hibiki 17 is among the greatest and can hold its own in the company of any high end Speyside single malt.

15)  ... gorgeous lined up in a set, but is such a design strong enough to hold its own in a crowded bookshop environment?

16)  He more than held his own. He was not outstanding, but he was always good at everything.

17)  Andy has had an outstanding minor league career at shortstop and has certainly held his own during his major league stints,.

18)  ... he went toe-to-toe with the instructor in a haiku contest and held his own and nearly won. 

19)  He had a few physical attacks from local thugs and held his own because he taught tae kwon do.

20)  He held his own; he interacted with ease and without a trace of inferiority.