I bet

Idiom Definition 1

Idiom Definition - I bet

"I bet"

I am reasonably sure


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Idiom Definition 2

Idiom Definition - I bet

"I bet"

I agree (often with sarcasm)


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Idiom Scenario 1

Idiom Definition - I bet

Two students are talking ...

Student 1:  I just don't see how I'm going to finish this term paper by Monday.

Student 2:  Do you have all your research assembled?

Student 1:  Yes, and I've written the outline, bibliography and about half of the paper.

Student 2I bet you can finish by Monday.

Student 1:  You think so?

Student 2:  I'm pretty sure, if you apply yourself, that you can finish.

Idiom Scenario 2

Idiom Definition - I bet

Two students are talking ...

Student 1:  I'm never going to finish this paper by Monday.

Student 2:  What are you going to do?

Student 1:  I'm going to ask the professor for an extension. I'm sure she'll give me more time.

Student 2:  Ya, I bet.

Student 1:  You don't think so?

Student 2:  Not really. This professor is super strict and almost never gives extensions.

I bet - Usage:


Usage Frequency Index:   264   click for frequency by country

I bet - Gerund Form:

There is no gerund form for I bet.

I bet - Examples:

1)  I bet you are right.

2)  If I opened the door, I bet he would have flown off.

3)  To sum it up... buy it, I bet you won't be disappointed.

4)  While that is all very nice, I bet a lot of voters for Obama are getting benefits from the government.

5)  I should have stuck it out a little longer, I bet I could have done it.

6)  I bet it took the food stylist four hours to get the caramel to drip just so.

7)  I bet you use a desktop device at some point in your day or week.

8)  There are plenty of wonderful parents, but I bet you'd agree that parenthood is not automatically the right choice for everyone.

9)  I bet you don't have to buy medicine for your patients out of your pocket.

10)  I bet its even better at sunset.

11)  If I pick up the pace I bet I can break an hour.

12)  I bet if the neighborhood got together they could come up with something clever.

13)  Obama is a sore loser. I bet when he loses in November he's going to trash the White House.

14)  And when it came to winning blue ribbons I bet you taught those other kids how.

15)  It looks so tough, in fact, I bet you could run over it with a car--though I won't be testing that theory.

16)  I wish it came with 4G but I bet it would make the price out of line with other small tablets.

17)  I bet you would find a percentage who say this is the golden age.

18)  I bet you never looked at index cards as something to be thankful for.

19)  I bet there's not another boy in the whole civilized world who's done anything like that.

20)  I bet I make a hash of this, but I'll try.