I figured as much.

Idiom Definition

Idiom Definition - I figured as much

"I figured as much."

I have already thought about the situation/issue and have come to the correct conclusion.


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Idiom Scenario 1

Idiom Definition - I figured as much

Two executives are talking ...

Executive 1:  I haven't seen Eric for quite some time. Do you know what happened to him?

Executive 2:  He was fired last week.

Executive 1I figured as much.  His performance had been quite poor for a long time.

Idiom Scenario 2

Idiom Definition - I figured as much

A traveller has stopped to ask for directions ...

Traveller:  Excuse me. I seem to have taken a wrong turn. I am pretty sure I know where I went wrong but could you confirm this for me, please?

Man:  Sure. Where are you trying to go?

Traveller:  I am headed for Tripoli.

Man:  Look here on the map. You needed to have taken the left turn at the last intersection instead of the right turn that brought you here.

TravellerI figured as much. Thanks.

I figured as much. - Usage:


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I figured as much. - Gerund Form:

There is no gerund form for I figured as much.

I figured as much. - Examples:

1)  Thanks for your tips on the avocado, I figured as much that they just took awhile to sprout, guess I just get impatient.

2)  Thanks for your lovely messages. I figured as much about Richard but I had to attempt to redeem myself.

3)  Ah, OK. I figured as much, but some of the replies earlier in the thread had me wondering.

4)  ... browse presets, but when I couldn't find anything by trial and error I figured as much.

5)  ... confirm that this is not possible at all in the current set-up. I figured as much, but just wanted to confirm it.

6)  ... found this old thread on the forums saying it can't be done. I figured as much which is why I've spent the afternoon redesigning my application so that ...

7)  Seriously, who had Russia? Anyone? No-one? I figured as much.

8)  (I should have put those in maybe single quotes). "I figured as much, but that's my issue with the essay ...

9)  ... while it keeps going... wake up and then shake your head Person: I figured as much. PTI supporter: He just didn't understand the question and it ...

10)  ... silly but I think maybe they just don't understand... # Yeah, I figured as much. They were nice girls in college, but probably just not into ...

11)  ... huge component of contract preparation, contingency allowances, and ultimately profit. # I figured as much. It is hard to convey frustration through the keyboard though if you ...

12)  I figured as much, but it was nice to have you and Eric comment on the ...

13)  Everyone has their problems it seems. I figured as much, Garrus stopped me for what seemed like a whole hour on my ...

14)  ... planet's gravitational affect/non affect on Earth in the event of their loss. I figured as much, but it's good to hear it from folks a lot more ...

15)  ... it mirrored their own experience. Very nice work missing that though. # I figured as much, TB.

16)  ... , and the main language of East European Jews was Yiddish. # I figured as much, but was still surprised to see it was such an emotional word ...

17)  From start to finish... it was three months of non-stop laughing. We figured as much. Watch the clip featuring band members Tagore Grey and Ben Brookland below ...

18)  ... to be some bleeping and censoring on the show. Yeah, we figured as much.

19)  This is def not obito.... Kishi is fukin with us all..... Figured as much. I believe his motive has something to do with Rin.

20)  Thanks Mark, figured as much from TChong's comment.