ill at ease

Idiom Definition

"to be ill at ease"

to be uncomfortable;

to be uneasy about a situation or circumstance

Idiom Definition - to be ill at ease


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Idiom Scenario 1

Idiom Definition - to be ill at ease

Steve is visiting his ex-girlfriend Barbara.  Barbara's new boyfriend, Stewart, is also visiting.  Steve has come to talk to Barbara about why their relationship ended.  Steve explains to Barbara that he is a homosexual and has only recently come out of the closet.  Steve explains that that is probably one of the reasons their relationship did not work.  Poor Stewart is sitting next to Barbara and he is...

ill at ease

 at being a part of the conversation.  Stewart is nervous and a little agitated and is thinking that he should just excuse himself.

Idiom Scenario 2

Idiom Definition - to be ill at ease

It is a big day for Elizabeth.  Her boss had assigned her to give a talk about workplace safety.  Elizabeth is standing on a stage in front of the one hundred employees of the company where she works.  Elizabeth does not like to speak in public and is...

feeling a little ill at ease.

ill at ease - Usage:


Usage Frequency Index:   327   click for frequency by country

ill at ease - Gerund Form:

Being ill at ease can cause a person to be nervous.

ill at ease - Examples:

1)  I am ill at ease when I talk in front of a large group.

2)  You are ill at ease when you fly on an airplane.

3)  He is ill at ease when he talks about death.

4)  She is ill at ease when she meets with her ex-husband.

5)  We are ill at ease when we must play the number one team.

6)  You (all) are ill at ease if there is a violent storm.

7)  They are ill at ease when there are layoffs at work.

8)  The world is -- understandably -- ill at ease with a theocratic regime with which there is no common language.

9)  When not on the bridge he was beside it. He was too ill at ease to be otherwise.

10) He has proven quite ill at ease in front of the cameras as mayor. 

11)  I've sometimes felt ashamed and ill at ease at the Thanksgiving table when I just couldn't connect to a feeling of gratitude.

12)  Like his contemporary, Charles Dickens, Ruskin was a restless visionary ill at ease with the blind confidence and complacency of his times.

13)  His half-brother had come across from Berlin, but he seemed overwhelmed and ill at ease.

14)  He was shy and ill at ease in the company of adults.

15)  She is never embarrassed, ill at ease, and could in her engaging drawl charm anyone.

16)  In the presence of death we stand awkward, and ill at ease.

17)  Gordon Brown, who is 15 years older than Cameron, is plainly ill at ease in this era of personality politics.

18)  He often looks ill at ease, which doesn't really inspire confidence.

19)  Looking more subdued and downcast than in previous speeches, Mursi seemed ill at ease as he listed steps he had taken to recall Egypt's ambassador in Israel.

20)  Standing before the assembled group, he seems ill at ease and relies too heavily on reading his prepared text word for word.