(to be) in a pickle

Idiom Definition

"to be in a pickle"

to be in a difficult situation where the solution is unclear or difficult to do

Idiom Definition - to be in a pickle


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Idiom Scenario 1

Idiom Definition - to be in a pickle

Jimmy is standing beside his motorcycle on the side of the road talking on his cell phone:

Jimmy: Mom, I've run out of gas.

Mom: That's too bad son. Why don't you walk to the nearest service station and get some gas?

Jimmy: I don't have a container for gas.

Mom: I'm sure the service station would lend you one.

Jimmy: But I don't have any money.

Mom: I suppose that you're in a bit of a pickle then, aren't you?

Idiom Scenario 2

Idiom Definition - to be in a pickle

Two students are talking ...

Georgia: Did you study for the exam?

Frank: I sure did! I stayed up until two o'clock in the morning studying History.

Georgia: I guess you're in a pickle then because today's exam is Geometry.

to be in a pickle - Usage:


Usage Frequency Index:   204   click for frequency by country

to be in a pickle - Gerund Form:

Being in a pickle isn't a very pleasant situation to be in.

to be in a pickle - Examples:

1)  The move, which violated agreements with Palestinians, put Obama in a pickle.

2)  Yes I know NEVER go there for paint but I was in a pickle.

3)  He's got himself in a pickle with the racism issue though.

4)  Santorum got the students in a pickle because polygamy is, unlike gay marriage, still a taboo subject.

5)  What WILL put him in a pickle is the possible collapse of the Chinese real estate bubble.

6)  I suspect at the very least they know they're in a pickle, and a sour one at that.

7)  I'm currently looking to buy my first road bike and I'm in a pickle as whats best to buy.

8) They have put themselves in a pickle, and they now have to find a way to reduce the actual doping controls. 

9)  I do agree they are in a pickle and the export revenue is all they have left.

10)  That George Osborne, of all people, should find himself in a pickle over sitting in a first-class compartment with a second-class ticket is almost too good to be true.

11)  You know interviewees are in a pickle when they interpose the discussion with his name.

12)  It's not covered by Law and you'll get yourself in a pickle.

13)  However, the Commissioner lands himself in a pickle of his own when he calls his wife a pain in the butt.

14)  Haywood also steps up to cut off Ariza's drive, leaving Ariza in a pickle.

15)  You guys are definitely in a pickle on this one, best of luck.

16)  Ashley says that she is in a pickle. Frank tells her he isn't telling her what to do.

17) It just went further than you thought it would, and now you're in a pickle, because he's probably seen the thread and isn't enjoying it much. 

18)  I used to freelance write. I'm in a pickle with my own theme.

19)  Face it we are in a pickle and the all they talk about is a sex scandal.

20)  As such we are obviously in a pickle and the question is; what do we do about it?