(to be) in a stew

Idiom Definition

Idiom Definition - in a stew

"(to be) in a stew"

to be in a difficult situation that causes worry, stress or anxiety


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Idiom Scenario 1

Idiom Definition - in a stew

Two colleagues are talking ...

Colleague 1:  What's got you in a stew?

Colleague 2:  Have you heard the rumors of a corporate takeover?

Colleague 1:  Yes.  Are you worried about losing your job?

Colleague 2:  Yes.  I have so many bills and another child on the way.  I haven't been sleeping very well since I heard the rumor.

Colleague 1:  No sense getting in a stew over a rumor.  Besides, you don't know for sure you would lose your job.

Idiom Scenario 2

Idiom Definition - in a stew

Two friends are talking ...

Friend 1:  Hey, your big date is tonight, right?

Friend 2:  I really like this guy but I am so nervous about going on a first date. I really want everything to go well.

Friend 1:  Being in a stew about it certainly won't help the situation.  Have a drink and relax a little.

(to be) in a stew - Usage:


Usage Frequency Index:   12   click for frequency by country

(to be) in a stew - Gerund Form:

Being in a stew, her husband accidentally backed the car into a light post.

(to be) in a stew - Examples:

1)  ... is quick to anger or breathes out frustration? The person who sits in a stew or squished in a mini-rave in their lunch break?

2)  ... displays the number of retractions. Too many invalid retractions will have you in a stew with ebay, but I think you're okay here.

3)  We were sitting at the table and you were getting all in a stew about some maths problem that you couldn't work out.

4)  Oh god I'm getting myself in a stew over going back to work this afternoon, ...

5)  ... you are being positive about York, it's funny how we get in a stew over something knowing we did it OK before, bit like the dentist you dread ...

6)  ... make it any easier, I just wish I could go without getting in a stew it's so stupid.

7)  I know what you mean about just doing stuff without without getting in a stew about it. I also feel that others are suffering more than I am, ...

8)  Been getting myself in a stew about how upset they will be, having to say goodbye to him on Sunday ...

9)  Annoying, but not life threatening. No point getting in a stew about what may or may not happen-it seems a sense of perspective has flown out ...

10)  For those who want to sit in a stew of anger or disgust, let' em.

11)  ... resource conditions, before the conversion goes ahead, has got Federated Farmers in a stew.

12)  ... back and forth, always in conflict with our other selves, always in a stew.

13)  ... corridor from the room where Speaker of the House Jim Wright is writhing in a stew of ethics charges, ...

14)  ... fed into the active resignation of adulthood that still, however, festered in a stew of unconquered desires for companionship, love, and success, eventually brought the contentment ...

15)  To be in a stew is to be bothered or upset about something or someone.

16)  You can also get yourself in a stew to worry about something and heaven forbid that you would be left alone to stew ...

17)  The bus running late put him in a stew about getting to work on time. 

18)  She was in a stew trying to decide which college to attend. 

19)  The neighbours noise levels has them in a stew

20)  The boss's brusque manner left him in a stew of anger.