in light of

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"in light of"

in consideration of a certain piece of information

Idiom Definition - in light of


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Idiom Scenario 1

Idiom Definition - in light of

Two businesswoman are talking ...

Businesswoman 1: Are you still going ahead with the advertising campaign?

Businesswoman 2: I'm not sure.

Businesswoman 1: Why is that?

Businesswoman 2: Recent polls have suggested that this type of campaign may not be effective.

Businesswoman 2: So, in light of this new information, you're thinking of changing the campaign?

Businesswoman 1: Yes.

Idiom Scenario 2

Idiom Definition - in light of

Two parents are talking about their daughter ...

Father: I notice that Lizzy has been coming home pretty late on school nights.

Mother: Yes. She missed her curfew three times last week.

Father: Really? Well, in light of her behavior, we should consider grounding her.

Mother: I'll talk to Lizzy.

in light of - Usage:


Alternate form:

In the light of

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in light of - Gerund Form:

Being in light of the facts, one can make informed decisions.

in light of - Examples:

1)  I feel even stronger about that position today in light of the potential of a very damaging interview to Gingrich.

2)  The researchers gauged how people answered these questions in light of how crime was described.

3)  However, even in light of your comments, I still fail to understand why you differentiate between ...

4)  We were afraid that this might not happen in light of the fact that we had one person in Oxford.

5)  In light of this evidence, Sessions asked Vilsack to " at once eliminate all materials.

6)  That the 2009 bailout did not include more wage cuts is understandable in light of the facts you omitted.

7)  Their endurance can not be taken for granted, especially in light of the continent's economic upheaval and demographic changes.

8)  It requires taking a different look at business process in light of changing local, global and regional requirements.

9)  In light of these comments, the definition does not include this list.

10)  However, more flexibility seems appropriate in light of the fact that many companies already post their codes on their websites.

11)  In light of the scientific evidence, the claim that evolution is a fact may seem to be accurate.

12)  In light of this case, do either of those things embarrass you?

13)  But, in light of the recent events, I can't fight the urge to clarify my thoughts.

14)  One must look at them also in light of the total movement of history and in light of history's central event.

15)  The prescriptions for family relationships should be understood in light of the Apostle's teaching on the Christian vocation.

16)  Tobin said he would review the matter in light of the medical examiner's revised findings.

17)  How do you see the Hindu Goddess in light of the church's claim that God is masculine?

18)  In light of that, doesn't it make sense to explore other options?

19)  Sir Ernst's statement must be viewed in light of moral responsibilities that lie outside of science.

20)  I'm still formulating how I need to proceed in light of this new understanding.