in short order

Idiom Definition

Idiom Definition - in short order

"in short order"

very quickly, without delay


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Idiom Scenario 1

Idiom Definition - in short order

A boss is talking to one of her team members ...

Boss: Where is that report? I need it now.

Team Member: It is almost finished. It should be ready in short order.

Boss: I'll give you an hour to have it on my desk.

Team Member: It will be there.

Idiom Scenario 2

Idiom Definition - in short order

A couple are talking ...

Wife: I'm starved. Is dinner almost ready?

Husband: It'll be on the table in short order. The oven timer is set to go off in three minutes.

Wife: Great. That's quick.

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in short order - Usage:


Usage Frequency Index:   976   click for frequency by country

in short order - Gerund Form:

There is no gerund form for in short order.

in short order - Examples:

1)  ... it's blocking invisible infrared or ultraviolet radiation that will certainly cause eye damage in short order.

2)  Papers will be tidied up and packaged in short order, and life returns to normal.

3)  ... as one you would quickly find yourself exposed to the vacuum and dead in short order.

4)  If one employee left in short order, a mis-hire might have been the case.

5)  But the friends send it to their friends and, in short order, the message has irretrievably escaped into the wilds of Cyberspace.

6)  This development builds on our existing technology and can thus be realized in short order.

7)  ... no man or woman is capable of resolving this problem in short order, we're going to have to pay our dues for many years to come.

8)  ... have generators on hand, with a few days worth of fuel, but in short order, that will be depleted, too.

9)  ... the act of drawing, of giving visual expression to many different ideas in short order helps you sort through all of those random elements and to make unexpected connections ...

10)  The lure of adventure won her over. In short order, she quit her job, they filled out papers, packed up their ...

11)  Even dumb animal prey can figure out they might get eaten in short order if they don't get moving.

12)  Unfortunately, watering this frequently will kill the roots of any orchid in short order.

13)  ... tow ropes on the beginner slopes will tear up a good pair of gloves in short order if they don't have the leather.

14)  We had brought beer along, and in short order we were drinking and jumping into the springs just to keep warm.

15)  ... output increased and the price of cotton textiles fell 90 per cent. In short order the great majority of manufacturing processes were mechanized.

16)  ... it hits the femoral artery, the target is likely to bleed out in short order.

17)  ... things about the Web's interactivity, people will show you how they feel in short order, you don't have to wait for the focus group research.

18)  A breakthrough in audio technology, binaural beats can help you to astral project in short order

19)  ... repair several windows in our house. It's easy... Can be completed in short order... And it's a much less expensive alternative to complete window replacement.

20)  ... end up competing with one another over water allocation and that international conflict follows in short order